Back in Bermuda

When the Gibb’s Hill lighthouse blinked over the horizon last weekend a weight lifted off of all of our shoulders – we had made it!  Sea Dragon is back in Bermuda for the 4th time in the last three years, and its beginning to feel 

A Big Opportunity for Bermuda: The Blue Halo

A Big Opportunity for Bermuda: The Blue Halo

Bermuda has the chance to become one of the first nations to dedicate the majority of their surrounding waters in their EEZ as a ‘no-take’ zone.  This Blue Halo has been proposed to encompass the waters from 50nm – 200nm offshore, the edge of Bermuda’s 

Sea Dragon in the Sargasso Sea

Sea Dragon and the Pangaea crew have been having a wonderful time in Bermuda! They arrived in Hamilton after a 6-day transit from Key West on on May 18th. Since the arrival, Pangaea has joined forces with the Greenrock’s Bermuda Alliance for the Sargasso Sea