See What Our Guests Are Saying About Sailing With Us!

Bev C.- Seattle to Vancouver

This trip far exceeded any expectation I had. It was an amazing week hosted by amazing people. I had never sailed before so had absolutely no knowledge of how a sailboat worked but with the crew of Sea Dragon that did not matter. Shanley, Eric, and Meret patiently instructed everyone, regardless of skill level, how to work safely. They were always close by to step in and help if necessary. I was not afraid to ask any question even if I had already asked it. The meals these guys cooked are some of the best I have ever had, including any 5 Star resort I have stayed at. They were sensitive to food issues and made sure all aboard followed procedures to prevent cross contamination. Due to the friendly, easy manner that these guys have, this trip felt like a week on a friend’s sailboat. I highly recommend a sail on Sea Dragon to anyone, I hope to be back next year.

Peter W. – Ensenada, Oahu, Tahiti, Pacific Northwest, Galapagos Islands

Over the past 19 months I have had the real pleasure of sailing on the Sea Dragon on four separate voyages. They have been without a doubt some of the most exciting and memorable vacations of my life. The professional crews that you provide are outstanding in their sailing experience, their individual skills, and the openness when sharing lessons that helped improve my sailing abilities. One of the first mates coached me at the helm as we crossed from Ensenada to Oahu and I was able to make 8.5 knots to windward in only 15 knots of wind. Great fun. On that same voyage we saw a full 180 deg. Moon Bow as we were going off watch at 03:00 hrs. It was so surreal, it looked like an open portal to another dimension.

Sailing from Tahiti to Kiritimati to Oahu was dream sailing with the trade winds abeam for almost the entire 2,500 NM. We just cruised along enjoying the sun, sea birds, flying fish, and the disco jellyfish glowing at night. Sea Dragon was the third yacht to call at Kiritimati Island following the multi-year Covid lockdown which was another highlight. I chartered a local proa and the crew went diving on virgin reefs in the lagoon.

Up in the Pacific Northwest we saw untracked forests, whales, eagles, and lots of bears. Even saw one bear feeding on salmon swimming upstream. The natural hot spring was a nice treat.

I am looking forward to the sail to the Galapagos next month as well as the run up to Bermuda in April.

Thank you for providing such a safe way for a retired engineer to enjoy seeing the world from the helm of a sailing vessel.