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Expedition Charters

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What We Do

Pangaea Exploration operates expedition and research charters throughout the world’s oceans. In between these voyages, we offer up our superb platform and our excellent crew to the public for sail training and adventure sailing voyages.

If you’ve ever dreamed of crossing an ocean, visiting remote tropical islands, or just taking an out of the ordinary sailing vacation, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Our guests are normally split 50/50 between sailors looking for a bit of blue water and adventurers who have never stepped foot on a boat in their lives. We offer adventure sailing voyages ranging in length between 1 and 4 weeks, anything from coastal cruising exploring islands to crossing oceans and learning celestial navigation.

In our work as a research vessel, we have worked with some of the world’s leading researchers and institutions. Work conducted on board has spanned from microplastics to coral, and water sampling to whales. We were an integral part of discovering the existence of microplastic pollution in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, have supported many diving trips, whether to find un-charted seamounts off the coast of Brazil or help in the search for “super reefs” in the Pacific. We have been a film platform for television programs on humpback whales and marine toxicology, as well as spending time in fresh water, sailing to the center of the North American continent through the Great Lakes.

Our Mission

At Pangaea, we strongly believe in the importance of connecting people with the sea. To that end, we have two main priorities: research expeditions and adventure sailing voyages. First, we provide a more affordable and eco-friendly platform for researchers to reach remote regions. Traditionally, these types of projects would need to be conducted on board large ships, costing up to 10 times more per day to operate and consuming more fuel in an hour than we do in a year. Secondly, we feel strongly that if people get a chance to get out on the ocean and experience it the way we do, they will better understand the importance of the sea. With this in mind, we offer adventure sailing voyages that provide this opportunity to people who range from complete beginners to experienced sailors.

Our Crew & Experience

We have been operating Sea Dragon throughout the Atlantic and Pacific for the past 10 years building an excellent reputation for safe, effective & efficient sailing voyages. Our experienced crew has covered over 200,000 nautical miles – not only developing a strong background in sailing education but also the skills to effectively and safely sail anywhere in the world. With sailing experience from Chicago to Stockholm, Africa to Patagonia, Greenland to Japan – our crew are excited to have you on board and share their knowledge of the world’s waterways.

Sea Dragon

We sail throughout the world’s oceans aboard Sea Dragon, our 72ft expedition yacht. Sea Dragon was built as one of twelve steel ships for the British Steel Global Challenge, the toughest yacht race in the world. She has circumnavigated the world twice – both times upwind in the southern Ocean. Sea Dragon has gone through extensive refits in order to be more suitable as a teaching and research platform while maintaining her true rugged heritage. Sea Dragon can carry up to 15 people on unsupported voyages up to two months in length in any of the world’s oceans.

Ship's Log

Gate to Gate

11/09 Vancouver – Prevost Island

After a night of boat prep and buffalo cauliflower tacos, we set off early to fuel up at Coal Harbour. The air was thick with smoke from a local forest fire, distorting the city – casting a grey and ominous feel. 

Our crew prepped the lines for the fuel pontoon, fueled up and began motoring towards Prevost Island. A vast amount of fishing boats were kicking around the channel, the sun began to break through and our crew were happy to be setting off on an adventure. Prevost island – anchoring in 16meters, the air had cleared and the sun was warm. The water was far too inviting not to swim. Splish Splash Splosh & a quick exit. The sunset was muted but simply spectacular.

12/09 – Prevost Island to Bedwell Harbour

A porridge spread to fire-up the day, we took to a dinghy ride ashore to scope out some local trails. We traipsed around the coastline, walking up to a couple of different view points and found the beautiful Selby Cove. The water was so clear, purple shells decorated the shore, fiery red crabs scattered around and arbutus trees hugged the coastline. 

Back onboard for lunch time, we munched on Ale’s potato salad and basked in the sunshine before lifting anchor at 3pm. 

With the wind on our nose again, we motored towards Bedwell Harbour, where the winds became cooler and cooler as we neared. Plenty of layers were grabbed.

Anchor down in 15meters, we watched a beautiful Gaff rigged pirate ship pilot in and anchor alongside. We wondered if they had a plank onboard?

13/09 – Bedwell Harbour to Port Angeles

A beautiful calm morning with smoke from the forest fires still lingering, we anchored up at 0730 and motored towards Port Angeles. 

We practiced knots underway, shared stories and played Two Truths and a Lie to get to know one-another. 

As the air began to cool even more, we came alongside the customs dock, cleared customs whilst loosing a couple of lemons and then docked up alongside further into the marina. 

Some of the crew boosted off to explore the streets of Port Angeles, in scout of good coffee and yummy ice-cream.

As a crew, we ate off the boat and enjoyed some tasty sea-food at a local restaurant. On our way back to the boat, we found a piano on the street where Holly and Erin gave us a tune.

Back onboard, Matthew and Erin treated us all to some tasty fudge and liquorice delights, before sending us all into a food coma of snores.

14/09 Port Angeles

With the wind looking more favorable to depart tomorrow, we decided to stay in Port for the day – giving the crew some time off to go and explore the area more. Some hired a car, explored some local trails, ate some tasty food and bathed in some hot springs. Others found some local shops to grab some extra needed layers or essential snacks whilst we provisioned a little more. 

Erin and Scott cooked up a ramen storm before Ale went into depths about the next big chunk of our passage towards San Francisco.