5 Gyres

5 Gyres study on ocean plastic pollution in PLoS ONE

Our partner, 5 Gyres, recently release a major study on plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. The study is a very big moment for public awareness around marine debris, plastic pollution, and our oceans.

We’re very happy that S.V. Sea Dragon was lucky to be part of a huge amount of the data collection through several ocean expedition, and we wish to congratulate everyone involved in this massive study.

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Adventurers sail through wave of tsunami debris–from the Guardian.

Adventurers sail through wave of tsunami debris Team track tsunami debris from Japan’s disaster to gain insight into how plastic pollution travels across the world’s oceans The floating dock from Japan that has washed up on a beach in Oregon, US. Photograph: Reuters/Oregon parks department The Pacific Ocean is a […]

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May 2nd on the Sea Dragon

We’re preparing to leave in a few minutes.  Rodrigo, our skipper, has giving the safety briefing.  “Keep your life vest on, especially at night, cause if you’re overboard we’ll likely not find you.” Adventure sailing is serious business.  Our science requires a boat that can get us anywhere in the […]

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Meet the new Crew on the Sea Dragon!

May 1 – 21 Studying the “Western Pacific Garbage Patch”-  Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands to Tokyo www.algalita.org Marcus Eriksen – Research Expedition Leader Marcus Eriksen received his Ph.D. in Science Education from University of Southern California in 2003, months before embarking on a 2000-mile, 5-month journey down the Mississippi River on […]

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