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Important video on Japan Tsunami Debris

Sea Dragon, Pangaea and our Partners at Algalita and 5Gyres are now in active preparation for an important 2012 expedition to the center of the predicted Tsunami Debris field. Sailing from Majuro to Tokyo and then back to Hawaii, the teams will conduct important research […]

Tracking the Debris from Japan’s Tsunami

Article from The New York Times on Wednesday October 12th 2011 Full article available here: http://green.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/12/tracking-the-debris-from-japans-tsunami/ Tracking the Debris from Japan’s Tsunami Just over six months have passed since a huge tsunami slammed into northeastern Japan, killing thousands of people and wrecking towns and villages along […]

Pop Quiz on plastic pollution from Lindsey

Reposted from Scientific American http://www.scientificamerican.com/blog/post.cfm?id=the-south-pacific-islands-survey–p-2011-05-17 The South Pacific Islands Survey–Pop Quiz By Lindsey Hoshaw | May 17, 2011 07:34 PM Alright, let’s see how well you do on this quick test. Can you guess which sample came from the North Pacific Garbage Patch and which came […]

Leg 1 of Pacific Islands Survey complete

From Scientific American – May 16, 2011 11:30 AM The South Pacific Islands Survey–We discover what’s floating in the Pacific Ocean! By Lindsey Hoshaw After seven hours of dragging a metal trawl in the ocean, we pulled the manta ray-looking contraption on board—salt water splashing everywhere—to see […]


From the steamy jungles of Brazil, the wild wind ravaged coasts of South Africa, Shifting sparkling sands of Namibia, Isolated Island Nations, Fluvial waters of South America, Groaning Glaciers, Freezing Fiords, to the Magically clear blue of the vast Pacific and it’s thousands of Island […]

(Drifters) Trapped in the South Pacific Gyre

Day 5, and we’ve all settled into the rhythm of a life at sea – cooking, cleaning, sharing meals, waking up at all hours, sleeping, trawling, and starting all over again. The worst of seasickness has passed, as formerly ashen-faced crewmembers are now able to […]

First Trawl

The Hi-Speed Trawl, our original design for optimizing time at sea by collecting surface samples at 8 knots, has just come out of the water.  We towed it for 55 nautical miles outside the accumulation zone of the South Pacific Subtropical Gyre.  The result, two […]

Robinson Crusoe Island – and the Scottish lure of the Bag Monster

  502 miles and 4 days from Valdivia, Chile, we arrive on Robinson Crusoe Island, a volcanic pinnacle rising over 500 meters above the sea, and only 7 miles long from its furthest points.  6:00am the Sea Dragon idles into the protected harbor, “It’s looks […]

A Beach Without Plastic Pollution is Hard to Find

Half of the South Pacific Gyre Expedition Team took a trip to Neibla, Chile to see the sea. We are two days away from venturing into the South Pacific Subtropical Gyre, the last of the unexplored 5 subtropical gyres in the world. On the bus […]

Theory vs. Reality – marine debris through leaks in a perfect system

With our long-term partners at 5Gyres, we have had an ongoing disucussion about exactly why…and how plastic debris actually gets into the oceanic gyres…way out to sea. Ironically, the easy part of the discussion is how it gets from your local watershed – a neighborhood […]

The High is Back

The unique challenge of the 5Gyres expeditions is that we need to deliberately SAIL a boat into an area with virtually no wind- the gyres. The gyre center is our constant target. The reason is collects debris is that it is the center of a […]

Flat Seas, No Breeze and a Mountain of Trash

1200 GMT Nov. 30 Sea Dragon is at 32°11.77S / 6°14.09W.   “There’s another one!” Bonnie yells, pointing to a bobbing pink ball a quarter mile away.  I run to the back of the Sea Dragon and throw the throttle in neutral, letting the momentum of […]