Welcome to Palmyra by Samantha Whitcraft, Shark Savers International

Shark Savers International Aboard Pangaea Explorations S/V Sea Dragon, Expedition – Line Islands, Equatorial Pacific Palmyra Atoll is special in so many ways; it is a wildlife refuge and a research field station; it is remote, pristine and forested. But one of the best things 

Fifteen Shades of Blue By Samantha Whitcraft, Shark Savers International

Photo: Samantha Whitcraft Day 3, Pangaea Explorations’ Line Islands Expedition, Aboard S/V Sea Dragon, approximately 416 miles south-southwest of Oahu, Hawaii headed to Palmyra Atoll. While steering our boat towards an ever-distant horizon, the seas roll under the bow hour after hour. I can’t help 

The Northern Line Islands await Sea Dragon

Island 1 of 10: PALMYRA. Population: 12. Shark population: 85% of the biomass of the underwater world Island 2 of 10: TERAINA. Population: 1,400. Constant breaking waves on all sides, landing will be interesting – no wonder they are so isolated. Island 3 of 10: 

Sea Dragon’s countdown to expedition in the Northern Line Islands

Sea Dragon is about to set sail to the Northern Line Islands with a crew of scientists, writers and filmmakers, who are passionate about their work as conservationists and educators.  Their mission in the Northern Line Islands will be to document the current state of