We were lucky enough to have two overnight stops on route, allowing the crew to get familiar with the boat and each other. With the crew feeling fresh and ready for the passage north we are already off to a good start. Nearly 600NM down and 2000 to go. We now have a reefed main and are touching on 10 knots through the night. 

As the wind blows from the East it gives us a good sailing line up to the equator. Everyone is very excited to cross the line * If Neptune allows them *

The crew is learning more each day about the boat and how she operates. They are becoming more confident everyday, now understanding reefing and know how to furl the sails when needed. 
Mallory “I’m starting to understand the sheer physical effort needed to get Sea Dragon moving”

With the everyone busy learning about the boat, I’m able to share to knowledge I have about celestial navigation with the crew. Starting with practicing shooting the sun, a great way to spend the afternoon. Also we have a number of guests very interested in the star constellations, we have been gazing each night and comparing our sights. We are all learning heaps about the skies!!!

Today was topped off with Mallory serving up a great cauliflower steak covered in panko breadcrumb with some great sides. Thanks Mallory!

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