On every ocean passage I have ever been part of, the last few days will always test the crew onboard. I can say the crew of Sea Dragon were tested by the consistent squalls carrying high winds and a lot of rain fall right until the very end of the voyage. 

All good moments onboard a boat at sea are earned… 

The moment of Papeete being sighted in the distance, followed by the lines being tied off on the dock and the following sense of completion was fully earned by the entire crew on board. A total of 2660nm over a period of 15 days with a short stop off at Palmyra atoll has been an amazing achievement for all of our guests. 

Personally for me, I can say I have enjoyed the time at sea getting to know all of the guest crew. Each one of them offered some amazing approaches on life and some great experiences and wisdom that have been kindly passed on. 

Now that we’re on the dock, the guest crew now have their two feet firmly back on dry land and are enjoying the simpler things of land life, like taking their dogs for a walk or enjoying a slow morning with breakfast in bed… or even the simplicity of a flushing toilet.

This means for us the Sea Dragon crew, we are now hard at work preparing for the next guests. Every boat needs attention when taking on long stints at sea, we will be tending to Sea Dragon, giving her plenty of TLC and re stocking the galley full of provisions ready for our trip north…

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