Travel the world with adventure sailing.

Island Hopping | Saint Lucia – Grenada

Jan 12 - Jan 25 | $4950 Only 10 Berths ...

Westward Winds | Grenada – Panama

Feb 2 - Feb 22 | $5950 Only 10 Berths ...

Pacific Passage | Panama – Galapagos

Mar 23 - Apr 5 | $4950 Only 4 Berths ...

Remote Route | Galapagos – Tahiti

Apr 12 - May 17 | $7950 Only 3 Berths ...

2025 Expeditions

2025 Adventure sailing is taking you to exciting reaches of the world, firstly kicking off the new year in the Caribbean Sea! Our first sailing will be all about island vibes. Launching in St. Lucia, we’ll hop from the French island of Martinique to multiple islands in the Grenadines, and lastly making a stop in Carriacou before our final anchorage in Grenada. The opportunity to visit multiple island nations awaits on our next leg from Grenada to Panama. Stops include Bonaire and the San Blas Islands. Next up, an equator crossing itinerary! A bluewater passage from Panama to the Galapagos is sure to provide a healthy dose of monkeys and sloths. Here’s where things get even more unique, a sailing from the Galapagos to Tahiti, which covers serious miles and includes stopovers on Pitcairn Island, the Gambier Islands of French Polynesia, and lastly, Tahiti.

Our Crew

In the 2025 adventure sailing season we’ll have all-star roster of folks we have worked with before, that we trust.  We’ll list them on each individual trip page so you know who you’ll be sailing with.

Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon is an extremely tough 72ft steel yacht that has circumnavigated the world twice. That’s going upwind – or in sailing terms “the wrong direction”! She is designed to keep amateur crew safe in the roughest of conditions for months at a time, and is a great platform to learn on. While no boat is truly comfortable going upwind, Sea Dragon was built for it. She’s the most comfortable boat going to windward in a gale that we’ve ever been aboard. The adventure sailing era suits her well.

The Experience

Sea Dragon is a working expedition vessel. We aim to enable everyone on board to fully participate in all aspects of our voyages. From helming to sail changes, swimming to socializing, cooking and cleaning. We provide a hands-on and immersive environment for learning, adventure, and connecting with your fellow voyagers. Our cuisine is delicious and hearty vegetarian food, and we’re excited to share recipes with you. When we’re at sea, we eat lunch and dinner as a group. This means we can all connect, sharing our stories and plans for the day. Breakfast is an individual affair, powered by freshly ground coffee or loose leaf tea.

Each crew member gets their own bunk (they may be simple but are extremely comfortable) and storage cubby in a shared cabin. While adventure sailing, we expect everyone to stand watch for 3 hours out of every 9, then have 6 hours of free time. You can sleep, read, chat, or just watch the ocean. On anchor or in port, things vary depending on where we are, but we can always guarantee some adventure. We provide opportunities to snorkel, hike, or explore ashore around scheduled meals throughout each trip on the 2025 adventure sailing itinerary.

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