Return to Phoenix Islands | May 20-25

Return to Phoenix Islands |  May 20-25

Last stop: Rawaki

Written by Nathaniel Mollica | PhD student, MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.


25 May 2018




The last island on our tour de PIPA is Rawaki. We arrived at dawn, greeted by thousands of birds. Rawaki is different from the previous three islands of our trip, as it has no lagoon and no vegetation larger than grass. It also has no rats, ants, or crabs and has thus become host to a thriving bird colony.

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Motus and Hoas

Written by Michael Fox | PhD student Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Post-doctoral Scholar-to-be Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.


20 May 2018




We had a quick visit to Orona, with only two days in the water to explore the reefs of this atoll. Above water, Orona is larger than Nikumaroro and has a beautiful series of motus (small islands) and hoas (channels) on the north coast that serve as the primary drainage points for the lagoon..

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