My name is Helena Nilsson and I am a researcher in analytical chemistry. I’ve had the pleasure of sailing (motoring a lot actually…) on Sea Dragon for the last 4 days to investigate the plastic pollution in the Baltic Sea. Although the research and plastic pollution is my main focus on this trip I would like you give my opinion on the interior design. This boat is a Mecca for all fans of compact living. Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, would go green from envy if he saw all the great storage solutions onboard. So. I want to show you the best bits of this gorgeous, boho-chic and somewhat retro 72-ft home.


Sea Dragon has two separate hot tubs. One of them stationary, the other can be placed wherever desired (dingy). Fills up easily with the long fresh water hose. The large fridge can cool at least 100 bottles of beer which facilitates the party life onboard. The wireless speaker system all around the deck can be used to call people whenever needed. It also holds a 29.5 meter flagpole.The whole boat is white and light grey with some nice accents such as the ropes in different colours to make the deck more attractive. Whenever approaching a harbor the crew usually wants some people to hang out even more colorful accents such as bright orange buoys to make the arrival in harbor even more spectacular. Eric and Shanley also like to yell a lot of commands loudly when docking just to make everyone nearby hear that we are arriving.


Walkie talkie system.

Stationary Hot Tub

Beautiful ropes.

Accent Colors

Accent colors with the portable hot tub in the back.

Laboratory/storage for fruit and vegetables

Small but cosy laboratory with all (if you have very little demands in your life as a chemist) things you need for top notch science onboard. The lab can also be used as a bedroom which is familiar to most PhD-students.




This is the ultimate conversation kitchen. The host and hostess can chat to the guests at the same time as cooking. Open planned solution with a large shaped sitting area/dining table provides plenty of space for up to 14 guests. Also ideal for very small children as nothing can fall off the table. The daylight comes in through the beautiful roof top windows.



The industrial styled stainless steel gas stove has built-in earthquake movement sensors. There are some stripper’s poles, both horizontal and vertical, in the kitchen which I will not even comment on. One can only reflect that another room might be a better place for those poles.




There are 5 bedrooms for 14 people. 2 bedrooms have queens sized beds. Kind of. The bunks are in a nice clear blue colour that goes very well with the wooden details. Although the mattresses (or fabric actually) are not very thick and spongy the bunks are very comfortable and will send even insomniacs to sleep by the constant rocking motion (and exhausting pulling ropes and grinding).


More bunks

Even more bunks

Full bunks

Home office


This floating palace has no less than two separate home offices. Ideal for the active business family who does not demand a constant internet connection.

Control Room


Walk in closet/Sauna/Tank-check room


The walk in closet holds foul weather gear but can very easily be transformed into a sauna that fits 4 normal sized people.

Foul Weather Gear


In the front of the ship there are two very convenient bathrooms. The toilets onboard are also called heads for some illogical and ancient reason. Those bathrooms gives you the chance to maximize your time by providing the opportunity to shower, poo and pee at the same time. Great for the stressed out adventurers seeking the next adrenaline rush on deck.


– Helena Nilsson, August 6, 2014, Baltic Sea Discovery expedition with MTM Research Centre









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