Feb 28 - Mar 7  | $2950 Join us on this transit through this magnificent feat of engineering! This divide
Feb 18 - Feb 28  | $4300 This trip is a blue water passage with a route that crosses the
Jan 20 - Feb 11  | $6950 This trip is a blue water passage with time to explore both Cabo
Nov 22 - Dec 5  | $4300 This coastal trip will give you a taste of Baja California. Starting in
May 16,2023. First day of the first leg Waikiki to Palmyra Atoll. Winds currently 15 knots off off the beam
How very privileged were we to visit one of the most remote yet inhabited land masses on earth and the
April 14, ship's time (April 15 local Kiribati time). 3am.We're bobbing along gently in a light breeze this morning, much
The crew of Sea Dragon bonded quickly after coming together in Marina Taina, Tahiti and the impressive level of experience
After spending several weeks in the middle of the Pacific, the crew has found a new appreciation for the vastness