Day 11

Some dolphins showed up for a moment.
They always bring lightness and joy with them, the good mood is all around.
Crew guest Ken had good fun in participating in the cooking session for dinner, new flavors are on the table.
The variable winds finally seem to turn in our favor as expected.
It is cold, we all wear as many layers as possible to stay warm.
It also takes longer to get ready on deck !

Day 12

We are sailing straight East towards Victoria, with fair winds and good speed.
More rain and some fog are now part of the trip.
It gives some mystic colors and so many different shades of grey to the Ocean.
The only brightness around is the orange of our wetsuits.

Day 13

The rain gave us a good break so we can slowly dry out.
The swale is sometimes very rolling but luckily the winds are with us.
We can see that land is getting closer on the chart plotter.
Bets for our arrival time are open.
And discussion about what are the first things we will do once onshore are going on : massage, drinks, hot bath, long night sleep, restaurant, cell phone… ! 

Day 14

Back to rain, fog and inconsistent winds.
The night watch mood is always different than the daytime one.
It is sometimes very silent, or filled up with endless talks.
We count the hours until daylight will appear and when we will reach our warm bunk again.
Sometimes time flies, and others it seems like it’s on hold.
Everything around seems more mysterious, and we laugh about it afterwards.
These moments create special bounds for sure.

Day 15

Happy July 04th and Independence Day !
Guests crew Mike and Dave surprised us with homemade cake and muffins.
They nailed it with the USA flag colors icing.
Mike kept going in the galley and prepared a tasty dinner.
Again, whales paid us a short visit, showing their back spine and spray, literally alongside the hull.

Day 16

A small bird stayed on board overnight.
It was exhausted and flew out in the morning after getting some rest.
The sun, blue sky, and fair winds finally showed up for a good part of the day, it cheered up everyone.
It’s another 2 or 3 days at sea until reaching our destination.
The onshore life is waiving at us !

“The secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage” ~ Quote by Heracles

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