Day 6

Strong winds have been constant and make our time more challenging as we are still heading upwinds.
We saw the lights of another boat on the horizon for a few minutes at night, first one since our journey started.
The newmoon rise looked like an incredible thin flame being pulled up from behind the clouds. 

Day 7

The wind died, however, we all enjoy the calmer and smoother ride.
The sea state was flat enough to allow us some trawling, looking for micro plastic.
In 30 minutes, we collected several pieces of them.
That day, we saw more floating objects than in the past week, such as cycling helmet, bucket, fishing gear.

Day 8

The winds didn’t come back yet, so we keep motoring.
Another trawling session brought more micro plastic in the net.
A wood log was on our way, covered in seaweeds and mussels.
Some turtles were swimming around it, using it as a food shelter.
Also, we had a great picnic on deck before sunset !

Day 9 

The wind came back from the South, very light, but enough to enjoy a downwind ride for a while.
We keep heading North, looking for the Westerly winds announced by the weather forecast.
Which would then allow us to sail almost in a strait line to Victoria.

Day 10

Rain is on since the early morning…
The temperature dropped significantly and it doesn’t feel like summer any longer. 
Everyone keep his smile on.
Especially being warmed up with hot chocolate prepared by guest crew Dave and delicious blueberry cupcakes baked by our skipper Alessandra.
In the late afternoon, a whale visited us, it was just a few 100 meters away from the boat.
A great moment for all of us !

“In the middle of the winter, I found within myself an endless summer.” ~ Quote by Mark Twain

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