Day 1

Everyone has been looking forward to the departure.
After the last preparations and formalities, off we go.
Weather conditons and sea state have been quite fair to start with.
But we are sailing upwind and it’s not the most comfortable motion, even though Sea Dragon was built for it and remains very stable.
We are working on getting our sealegs back and making our way around with this new normal.

Day 2

The night shifts have been pretty amazing with a full sets of stars milky way and moon rise.
A few squalls challenged us for a short time, bringing their load of extra wind and a bit of rain.
A boobie decided to join the boat and spent overnight on the bow.

Day 3

We are getting more familiar with our watch system, and with the day and night rhythm.
The temperature is still quite warm all day long.
Several birds escorted us, while hunting and diving for flying fishes.

Day 4

In the early morning, the captain spotted a whale about 200 meters away from Sea Dragon.
Just the time to hear the spray and to see the tale diving in the ocean, and she was gone.
Later on in the afternoon, it’s about 20 dolphins that were swimming around the boat.
They also didn’t stay long, but what a nice visit !

Day 5

The wind has been shifty in the early morning, playing us around with some sail changes and tacks.
Depending on our bed side, some of us like it better on the starboard tack, and some prefer the port tack.
The boat is heeling over most of the time and we are getting used to it.
So far, everyone enjoys the vegetarian food freshly prepared every day.
Up to now, we have already seen 5 pieces of styrofoam 1 orange piece of plastic and 1 fishing net line.
Things get kind of solemn as they pass by.

As an anecdote, a flying fish flew into the boat and smacked Dave, leaving trail of scales and slime in his sweater, before going back to sea.

“Get away from everything, brings you closer to the essential.” ~ Quote by Loick Peyron

Update from Aurelie Cebe

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