A farewell

We’re sad to announce that Anita is going to be leaving the Pangaea team this month. Anita joined us two and a half years ago and has worked wonders with the smooth running and administration of Pangaea in that time, from designing and building our new website to making a lot of our backend processes much easier. She’s been indispensable in the role of shore-side support for us aboard as Sea Dragon has cruised the Atlantic and Pacific, sometimes being as far away as a 12 hour time difference. More recently, we had a great time sailing down the coat of California with her on our West Coast tour this past summer. For the next few months, we will be working hard to fill her shoes as we get geared up for our 2019 season and start getting projects for 2020 lined up as well. It’s been a great voyage, and we wish Anita all the best in her next adventures.

-Eric, Shanley, & Ron