We are here in Key West! Our sail lasted only three days, a short passage. The storm helped push us along; in fact, we clocked out at an all time high of 13.3 knots! I have never had so much fun puking, and would do it all again in a heart beat (may try a different nausea medication though).

Cayman to Key West #2

Overall, this trip has been breathtaking and eye-opening. Experiencing the open ocean is something that I am extremely lucky to be able to witness. Most people will not realize the beauty of it.

Cayman to Key West #3

Unfortunately, sailing from the Cayman Islands to Key West, we spotted countless pieces of plastic and pollution both large and small. This trip helped me to realize the impact of improper waste-management and the importance of ocean conservation. I would love to embark in another voyage on Sea Dragon, perhaps as part of a marine biology research project, now that I have my first sailing experience under my belt. 🙂

– Alexandra Towner (15), April 11, 2014.

Cayman to Key West #1


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