We Are a Platform for High Seas Research, Conservation Education & Filming. Our Sailing and Science Professionals Tailor Support for Your Team.

An Experienced Team

With experience on a wide spectrum of research expeditions our
professional team of sailors and scientists empower you to succeed in
your research.

Extended Journeys

With our vessel Sea Dragon we can support teams of up to 12 on extended journeys and a wide range of objectives without limiting your research

Sustainable Travel

Because we are a sailing vessel, we can operate “off the grid” for extended periods of time, and do so in a much more economical environmentally friendly fashion than larger research vessels.

The Cohen laboratory at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has chartered Sea Dragon for multiple research expeditions in both the Caribbean and Central Pacific to study coral reef communities and phenomena.

Resulting Publications

The Sandin laboratory from Scripps Institution of Oceanography worked with Pangaea Exploration chartering Sea Dragon to map the location of remote coral reefs located around the Palmyra Atoll.

Resulting Publications

The 5 Gyres Institute has partnered with Sea Dragon since 2010 on 8 separate expeditions to complete several excursions through 4 of the 5 gyres of our oceans assessing the state of and collecting samples pertaining to ocean plastics.

Resulting Publications

The MTM Research Center from Orebro University conducted a research and outreach expedition studying micro- and nano- plastics in the Baltic. Sea Dragon has also collected water samples for Orebro in many of the world’s oceans.

Resulting Publications

Dr. Robbie Smith of the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo (BAMZ) conducted three voyages aboard Sea Dragon during her annual visits to Bermuda. During the voyage guest crew helped with the collection of Sargassum Samples, the collection of floating plastic with neuston net, and the collection of deep-water plankton.

We also have run expeditions with the Ocean Cleanup, the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation, eXXpedition, Niagara University, University of Miami, University of Exeter, King’s Christian Academy, The BBC, ONCA, Algalita and Sperry.