Central Pacific and Mexico


After having operations put on hold in 2020 by COVID-19, we were able to sail an awesome 2021 season.  Constantly changing travel restrictions meant that we had to change our schedule several times.
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March 14 – April 3 [tcbd-popover title=”Pineapple Express | Ensenada – Oahu” text=”It was questionable whether we would even be able to sail at all this season, and we delayed this voyage by a month.  But with excellent COVID protocols we had an awesome and safe trip from Ensenada out to Hawaii, with great fishing along the way.
” place=”top”]Pineapple Express | Ensenada – Oahu [/tcbd-popover]
June 1 – June 23 [tcbd-popover title=”North Pacific Gyre I | Hawaii – Ensenada” text=”North Pacific Crossing. We trawled for micro plastics through the garbage patch.  Wonderful sailing, with just a few days of calms to enjoy the swimming.
” place=”top”]North Pacific Gyre I | Hawaii – Ensenada [/tcbd-popover]
July 3 – July 22 [tcbd-popover title=”Trans-Pacific Crossing | Ensenada to Hawaii” text=”Back across the pacific with warmer weather (and grayer skies) than our crossing in March.
” place=”top”]Trans-Pacific Crossing | Ensenada – Hawaii [/tcbd-popover]
Aug 1 – Aug 21  [tcbd-popover title=”Palmyra Explorer | Hawaii – Palmyra – Hawaii” text=”The first visit to Palmyra by private boat since the pandemic began in 2019.  We weren’t allowed ashore to protect the station staff, so spent all our time in the water snorkeling on the spectacular reefs instead” place=”top”]Palmyra Explorer | Hawaii – Palmyra – Hawaii [/tcbd-popover]  COMPLETE  
Aug 31 – Sept 22 [tcbd-popover title=”North Pacific Gyre II | Oahu – Ensenada” text=”North Pacific Crossing. We trawled for micro plastics through the garbage patch and sent every guest home with a plastic sample from the gyre. A little bit of everything on the sailing front – 0-30kts of wind, and every point of sail.” place=”top”]North Pacific Gyre II | Oahu-Ensenada[/tcbd-popover]  COMPLETE
Nov 30 – Dec 18 [tcbd-popover title=”Island Getaway | Ensenada – Hawaii” text=”Escape the Winter and sail off to Hawaii.  Classic pacific crossing.” place=”top”]Island Getaway | Ensenada to Hawaii[/tcbd-popover]  COMPLETE


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