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Jan 4 – 10 [tcbd-popover title=”Adventure Sailing | Guyana to Trinidad” text=”This 7 day Atlantic adventure sailing trip saw us depart from Georgetown Guyana, America’s secret superstar and one of the least-known corners of South America. Cross over the mouth of the Essequibo River, the largest river in   Guyana, and undertook a not too rigorous passage upwind to its neighbouring islands of Trinidad and Tobago, in search of the infamously good ‘doubles and hot sauce’. On passage the focus was sail training and catching fish for supper.
” place=”top”]Adventure Sailing | Guyana to Trinidad [/tcbd-popover]
Jan 16 – 23 [tcbd-popover title=”Kings School | Grenada” text=”On this school’s expedition, students learnt basic knot-tying, dinghy driving, the basics of sailing and sail trim, and navigation.They learnt about the work that Sea Dragon does and environmental issues facing the oceans, specifically plastic pollution, chemical pollution, global warming and ocean acidification.” place=”top”]Kings School | Grenada [/tcbd-popover]  COMPLETE
Feb 20 – 28 [tcbd-popover title=”Girls eXXpedition | Caribbean I” text=”Caribbean 2016 was a two part eXXpedition mission aboard SV Sea Dragon. During this 8 day trip, the Leg 1 Crew sailed from Trinidad to St Lucia via Barbados. Conducting important research during the voyage with a very strong outreach element, that would gain the guest crew experience to help them become eXXpedition Ambassadors back in their own countries and communities.
Over the course of the two phase research, we conducted: – 9 microplastic trawls for the 5 Gyres Institute (the first-ever in the Caribbean Sea); – 4 persistent organic pollutant (POPs) water samples for Orebro University in Sweden; – 8 nanoplastic water samples for the University of Georgia in the USA; – 8 microplastics water samples for Adventurers & Scientists for Conservation in the USA.
” place=”top”]Girls eXXpedition | Caribbean I [/tcbd-popover]
Mar 5 – 13 [tcbd-popover title=”Girls eXXpedition | Caribbean II” text=”Caribbean 2016 was a two part eXXpedition mission aboard SV Sea Dragon. On this 2ndin the series of 8 day expeditions, the Leg 2 Crew sailed from St Lucia to Antigua, via Dominica.
The purpose behind eXXpedition Caribbean 2016 was four-fold: 1) To focus on sharing the eXXpedition mission and vision in the Caribbean Islands, while partnering this with our scientific research and our ‘Me’search; 2) To continue developing our worldwide group of eXXpedition ambassadors to bring change back to their communities and countries; 3) To conduct the first-ever microplastic and nanoplastic sampling in the Caribbean Sea and provide baseline data to the countries we visit; 4) To build relationships with individuals, groups and authorities on the Caribbean islands we visit to form partnerships ensuring our work is meaningful.” place=”top”]Girls eXXpedition | Caribbean II [/tcbd-popover]
Apr 24 – May 4 [tcbd-popover title=”Bermuda Triangle | Virgin Islands to Bermuda” text=”This 11 day passage departed from St Thomas in the US virgin Islands on a marine plastics focus voyage, An off the grid digital detox week at sea, miles away from life’s daily clutter, the crew learnt about the plastic issues facing our oceans, safety at sea, sailing, the weather, currents, and how the ocean sailed acquired a fearsome reputation as the Bermuda Triangle. Having pushed limits and embraced the surrounding environment, we sailed into the calm of Bermuda’s St Georges Harbour, Hamilton.” place=”top”]Bermuda Triangle | Virgin Islands to Bermuda[/tcbd-popover]  COMPLETE
May 25 – Jun 2 [tcbd-popover title=”Adventure Sailing | Bermuda to Portland, Maine” text=”Sea Dragon sailed with her guest crew from the beautiful pink sand beaches of Bermuda to the world famous lobster of Maine. On this 9 day sail training expedition, we spend a day exploring the northernmost tropical reefs in the world, around Bermuda’s coast, then set sail north, crossing the mysterious Sargasso sea and the gulf stream – the engine of Atlantic weather. In just 750 miles we sailed into a totally different climate and ecosystem, arriving at the beautiful rocky coast of Portland, Maine.” place=”top”]Adventure Sailing | Bermuda to Portland, Maine[/tcbd-popover]  COMPLETE
 Sep 25 – Oct 2 [tcbd-popover title=”Exploring Mindset | Mississippi” text=”After the huge success of the first Exploring Mindset trip down the Mississppi, we decided to run this trip again;a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in a moving retreat designed for those who are ready for a personal or work-based transition!Our guest crew joined us on the mighty Mississippi River, where we traveled south from Memphis by canoe, camped on sandbars, held discussions by campfire, beneath the stars, and prepared perfectly for life’s next step.” place=”top”]Exploring Mindset | Mississippi[/tcbd-popover]  COMPLETE
Oct 15 – 23 [tcbd-popover title= “Adventure Sailing | Maine to Bermuda” text=”What should have been a Sail from the world famous lobster of Maine to the beautiful pink sand beaches of Bermuda, ended up being a punchy 6 hour, 10-12 knot sail through Penobscot Bay. With no cessation in the coming weather, a stoic but rough and tumbled, seasick crew. The boat crew turned Sea Dragon around and headed back to Camden, Mother nature had shown who was in charge and had closed our weather window to Bermuda. What should have been a 735 nautical passage became a very different expedition as the crew decided instead, on a coastal cruise to Rhode Island, taking in Portland, Maine, Gloucester and Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and Block Island.
Our crew’s decision highlighting that calm sailing doesn’t always come from calm waters, that is also comes from having a good navigator, a good crew and a good vessel.On arrival in Newport, Sea Dragon dropped off her Maine crew, as her Caribbean crew joined her and set sail for Bermuda. A little later than scheduled, but on her way none the less.” place=”top”]Adventure Sailing | Maine to Bermuda[/tcbd-popover]
Nov 12 – 20 [tcbd-popover title= “Adventure Sailing | Bermuda to Caribbean” text=”Slightly later than scheduled Sea Dragon sets o sail from the beautiful pink sand beaches of Bermuda to the white sand, and blue sea of Virgin Islands. Open to both experienced sailor looking to gain some offshore miles and beginners looking for an exciting trip, this voyage had something for everyone. Including daily classroom and hands on sessions, to teach the fundamentals of sailing and passage making as we sailed over 800 nautical miles across the Atlantic to St. Thomas.” place=”top”]Adventure Sailing | Bermuda to Caribbean[/tcbd-popover]  COMPLETE
Nov 26 – Dec 4 [tcbd-popover title= “OpenROV | Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico” text=” Bioluminescent bays teemed with tiny neon-flashing animals. Colorful and little-known mesophotic coral reefs just out of range for recreational scuba diving. We built our own underwater robot to explore some of Puerto Rico’s most intriguing marine habitats!
Building an OpenROV 2.8 kit, whilst on anchor and in port, we modify it to changing conditions and experimented with add-ons like plankton tows and water samplers. Once the OpenROV was built, we’ll identified possible dive targets for visual surveys, and had an opportunity to exchange local habitat knowledge and compare ROVs with a student robotics group in Puerto Rico.
En route from US Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico, our crew had chance to snorkel and scuba along the way to get a baseline understanding of the coral reefs and help support existing citizen science projects. Using coral mapping and photo transects in shallower reefs, we compared our observations from deeper reefs collected with OpenROV visual surveys.
With Sea Dragon as the perfect platform to launch, test and iterate on our OpenROV, we were joined by students, citizen scientists, explorers, makers, programmers all ready to set sail on a build-it-yourself ocean exploration expedition!” place=”top”]OpenROV | Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico[/tcbd-popover]
Dec 10 – 18 [tcbd-popover title= “Mindfulness at Sea | Virgin Islands” text=”A trip of a lifetime amidst the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean aboard our 72ft yacht Sea Dragon. Marine biologist and health coach Lucy Hunt lead a fun filled 9 day/8nt immersion experience around the US virgin and British Virgin Islands; allowing time to reconnect with nature and ones true self. Sea Dragon crew visited deserted islands, practiced yoga, mindfulness, self-awareness and nature connection. Leaving the expedition refreshed, recharged and armed with tools and practices to integrate into individual busy lifestyles on their return home.” place=”top”]Mindfulness at Sea | Virgin Islands[/tcbd-popover]  COMPLETE


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