Current Entries

As we venture further south the squalls build with strength and the crew build with confidence on how to manage
The elegant simplicity of simply setting a course for 180* south and sticking with it for a week was wondrous
Thursday 21st April, By Harriet Consistent wind, lots of laughs and it is definitely getting warmer as we get further
After four days of snorkeling our hearts out, backflipping into dinghys, and taking all the selfies with bird that we
Squalls squalls squalls! As we got further south and entered the ITCZ (inter-tropical conversion zone), also known as the doldrums,
After two days of safety briefings, man overboard drills and Ted darting his eyes at Bruce with looks of “Oh
We have just returned from one of the most beautiful places on Earth - Palmyra Atoll. Palmyra, a series of
It had just gone 0420h when I arrived on deck to start my watch and to complete a handover with
It has been a tough few days for the crew since departing Palmyra. It was difficult to say goodbye to