Current Entries

After putting the repaired mainsail back on, retrieving the outboard from the shop and buying the final fresh food and
No we haven't been boarded by a mermaid! We seem to have become an ocean taxi for one of my
Without any crew onboard, the Sea Dragon feels quiet and empty…which is why we work so hard to get her
And at 0900 Monday morning, after a morning of packing away the sails, pumping up the fenders and getting the
Thursday  Hey guys its Brad again! Another exciting day onboard Sea Dragon.  At 3am this morning, Skipper Anna persuaded me
Hello! My name is Mo, the new deckhand to join the crew of Sea Dragon! Last week, I handed the
So yesterday was a lot of fun! We have been following the Great Pacific Race, well as best as we
Wednesday  Hello! I’m Brad, the latest tamer of Sea Dragon. Upon arrival, we met a crazy man named Rico who
After waiting patiently on the dock for clearance from Mexico, we finally slipped lines, an excited crew ready to experiance