Current Entries

Day 1Victoria to Bedwell harbour - Southpender Island 0600 rise & shine! Eggs, toast & berries to fill up our
Day 11 Some dolphins showed up for a moment.They always bring lightness and joy with them, the good mood is
Day 6Strong winds have been constant and make our time more challenging as we are still heading upwinds.We saw the
Day 1Everyone has been looking forward to the departure.After the last preparations and formalities, off we go.Weather conditons and sea
We were lucky enough to have two overnight stops on route, allowing the crew to get familiar with the boat
On every ocean passage I have ever been part of, the last few days will always test the crew onboard.
As we venture further south the squalls build with strength and the crew build with confidence on how to manage
The elegant simplicity of simply setting a course for 180* south and sticking with it for a week was wondrous
Thursday 21st April, By Harriet Consistent wind, lots of laughs and it is definitely getting warmer as we get further