Current Entries

After departing Hawaii we quickly entered new territory: squall city.  For the past few days we’ve had a great, strong
Wednesday June 2, 2021 The stowaways are beginning to multiply! Sea Dragon’s onboard team is now up to eight hearty
What better way to celebrate Earth day than to be fully emerged in mother nature herself. The alarm rang at
Many people ask us what we get up to in between trips… Other than missing the big blue, we spend
A little over a week ago, a group of strangers met in Ensenada, Mexico to embark on a 2,600 nautical
3/25/21  1175 Nautical miles, 6 days and 3 showers ago we left the dock in Ensenada. We're now halfway and
3/22/21 Much has changed since we last spoke and at the same time nothing at all. The weather is forever
It's day 3, or so we think, as the days are beginning to merge into one another. After getting into
Docked in Hawaii March 31 Sea Dragon docked successfully this morning, and will be on O'ahu until our next adventure.