Ascension Island brought an exceptional and important experience to the Sea Dragon expedition team. The island is an incredibly remote
We’ve landed safely on Ascension Island - all the crew were pleased to see land and a cold beer after
When we imagine great hero of conservation, we have very specific criteria in mind - legendary contributions, moving millions of
  By crew member, Liana John, Environmental Journalist, National Geographic Brasil After two days of ups and downs on the waves
  A whale breaches a mile away, blowing just below the surface before descending back to the depths, rolling forward
Day 5 - Tuesday 31st Changing tack for the first time after four days of close hauled sailing is interesting
Sea Dragon team reported in today with wind speeds up to 30kts in short squall gusts. Boat moving at 9
  The taxi driver asked if I wanted to smoke. 'No' I said, watching the dawn rise as we drove
Just got word in from the team that the "nets are in". Once outside the 200nm Brazilian Exclusive Economic Zone,