Construction of the new flat trawl prototype is complete and it's ready to go to sea!  As you can see
The team recently completed the first ever dedicated look at the South Atlantic Gyre for Plastic. While Sea Dragon skirted
  When working boats, well out to sea, pull in the lines, divers, nets or whatever it is they do,
  Heading out of the Seamount banks, with the shallow reef dives behind us, we now take on last shot
The last few days, the team has been discovering, diving and absorbing an exceptional "undersea" landscape. Despite  being over 350
  This morning we made first contact with the Jaseur Seamount. With a day of quit weather behind us, and
  Sea Dragon is heading south, slowly out of the hot tropics and towards an important and entirely new sort
by Gigi I was so tempted to get into the water after 14 days sailing, I couldn't wait any longer...We
Like many mission oriented groups, Pangaea and 5Gyres actively look for external partners that share our vision and passion- in