The team is at position 33.20.73S  / 19.30.09W as of 1200 GMT on Thanksgiving, November 25th.  "All well the
Sea Dragon and her team continue to press SE, towards the heart of the Gyre center. This morning the crew
Latest position and Iridium satphone note from the crew. They are moving now SE, trying to reach the center of
NOTE: this blog is crossed over from the 5Gyres site, sent in from Sea Dragon by Anna Cummins, just this
Not yet halfway across the South Atlantic, the Sea Dragon team is already connecting with the African continent. A recent
"spot still not working, think it has died" After almost 50,000 miles and 14 months continuous use, Sea Dragon is
Sea Dragon and her team are heading out into the center of the South Atlantic...and into more wind. This is
Pangaea and 5Gyres are excited to be going to sea with new kit that represents the absolute best of maritime
  After several hours delay clearing immigration, Sea Dragon wayed anchor and wove her way out of the bay of