Latest position and report 33.31.32S 017.05.93E 70.5Nm to go ... all well low on fuel and little wind hopefully 0000
Just in across the Satphone - urgency rises from the calm of a long crossing- the world of the ocean
  We’re now on the southeastern edge of the South Atlantic Subtropical Gyre, on the home stretch to Cape Town,
December 1st at 1200 GMT Sea Dragon is at 33.00.02S / 002.40.14W... "All well no wind ... need some please. Clive"
  Algalita Marine Research Foundation Offers 2011 Summer North Pacific Gyre Scientific Adventure !       Take advantage of a rare opportunity to
1200 GMT Nov. 30 Sea Dragon is at 32°11.77S / 6°14.09W.   “There’s another one!” Bonnie yells, pointing to a bobbing
  We’re here! After 2 weeks of punishing storms, pelting rains, 40-knot winds, and life at a constant 45 degree
  At 1200 UTC on November 29 Sea Dragon is at 31.38.5S / 007.58.9W.  With the expedition well over half way
1200 GMT 26th Nov 34.31.36S / 016.42.05W Curently we are south of the SAG due to the weather. CT is