It's been a crazy year for us, lot's of press, lots of great partnerships forming.  As many of you
One of the important ideas in recovering from this dramatic marine debris program is "lifecycle management" or "cradle to cradle"
One of the toughest parts of conservation, business, family life or any human endeavor seems to be facing reality. We
As hard as we work on observation, research and some point we need to get to solutions. Dr. Marcus
Today is important. It is the 100th anniversary of a man, and frankly, an era that has driven so much
That's it, right there, the first time I saw the ocean- only 14 years old... We recently had a chance
Stephen Amato served as crew for almost nine months on Sea Dragon. A bit like the young man in Jack
This week we had several great examples of the value...perhaps even necessity of different thinking. We don't just mean different
Through the course of my research I have discovered that many countries around the world including France, Italy, Ireland, Finland,