Day 5 - Tuesday 31st Changing tack for the first time after four days of close hauled sailing is interesting
Sea Dragon team reported in today with wind speeds up to 30kts in short squall gusts. Boat moving at 9
  The taxi driver asked if I wanted to smoke. 'No' I said, watching the dawn rise as we drove
Just got word in from the team that the "nets are in". Once outside the 200nm Brazilian Exclusive Economic Zone,
As you can see on the SPOT Tracker satellite fix ( "Live Map" ) Sea Dragon and her team pushed
Today we are go. Everything dozens of people work and believe in is now converged on Rio and Sea Dragon
Today is one of the toughest days of any expedition - just before we go. We are at maximum preparation
I don't know if this is how it was for Magellan, Columbus, Lewis and Clark, Shackelton, Neil Armstrong and Buzz
When we think about the future, particularly in environmental work, we so often feel the "walls" closing in on us-