Current Trips

Current Trips

Trans-Pacific Crossing | Ensenada – Hawaii

Jan 22 - Feb 9 | TRIP IS NOW COMPLETE ...
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Pacific Explorer | Hawaii – Kiritimati

Feb 20 - March 7 | TRIP IS NOW COMPLETE ...
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Equator Express | Kiritimati – Tahiti

March 7 - March 21  | TRIP IS NOW COMPLETE ...
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Crossing the Line | Tahiti – Kiritimati – Hawaii

April 4 - April 29 | TRIP IS NOW COMPLETE ...
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Palmyra Explorer | Hawaii – Kiritimati

May 8 - May 23 | TRIP IS NOW AT ...
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Equator Express 2 | Kiritimati – Tahiti

May 23 - June 6 | $5300 Only 7 Berths ...
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Hemisphere Hopper 2 | Tahiti – Kiritimati

June 20 - July 4 | $5300 Only 5 Berths ...
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Pacific Voyager 2 | Kiritimati – Hawaii

July 4 - July 15 | $4700 Only 8 Berths ...
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North Pacific Gyre | Honolulu – Victoria

July 29 - August 19 | $5900 Only 6 Berths ...
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Strait to Gate| Victoria – San Fran

Sept 3 - Sept 14| $5300 Only 8 Berths Remaining ...
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California Coast | San Francisco – Ensenada

Sept 24 - Oct 6 | $4700 Only 6 Berths ...
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What our Guests have to say about sailing with us:




This trip far exceeded any expectation I had. It was an amazing week hosted by amazing people. I had never sailed before so had absolutely no knowledge of how a sailboat worked but with the crew of Sea Dragon that did not matter. Shanley, Eric and Meret patiently instructed everyone, regardless of skill level, how to work safely and were always close by to step in and help if necessary. I was not afraid to ask any question even if I had already asked it. The meals these guys cooked are some of the best I have ever had and that includes any 5 Star resort I have stayed at. They were sensitive to any food issues and made sure all aboard followed procedures so cross contamination did not occur. Due to the friendly, easy manner that these guys have, this trip felt like a week on a friend’s sailboat. I highly recommend a sail on Sea Dragon to anyone, I hope to be back next year.
– Bev C.


2023 Expeditions

In 2023, Sea Dragon will do explore the far corners of the North Pacific.  We start the season off in January 2023 with an awesome transpac crossing from Ensenada to Hawaii.  From there we’ll head south across the equator, visiting Palmyra and Kiritimati on our way to Tahiti.  We’ll return to Hawaii via Christmas Island, then do another loop to Tahiti and back.  Once we’re back in Hawaii we’ll sail through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the North Pacific Gyre, to Victoria, BC.  From Victoria it’ll be back down the coast to San Francisco, Monterey, the Channel Islands, and Ensenada to end the 2023 season. Our 2023 voyages are focused on adventure, exploring off the beaten path, blue water sailing, science, learning, and exploration – although, as always, our ecological mindset will be incorporated into all our trips.

Our Crew

In 2023 we’ll be rotating some amazing teams of crew through the boat – it’s going to be an all-star roster of folks we have worked with before that we really like.  We’ll list them on each individual trip page, as we’ll be swapping out crew every few months so everyone stays fresh.

Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon is an extremely tough 72ft steel yacht that has circumnavigated the world twice – going upwind – or in sailing terms “the wrong direction”. She is designed to keep amateur crew safe in the roughest of conditions for months at a time, and is a great platform to learn on. While no boat is truly comfortable going upwind, Sea Dragon was built for it, and is the most comfortable boat going to windward in a gale that we’ve ever been aboard.

The Experience

Sea Dragon is a working expedition vessel and we aim to enable everyone on board to fully participate in all aspects of our voyages – from helming to sail changes, swimming to socializing, cooking and cleaning. We provide a hands-on and immersive environment for learning, adventure and connecting with your fellow voyagers. Our cuisine is delicious and hearty vegetarian food, and we’re excited to share recipes with you. When we’re at sea, we eat lunch and dinner as a group, this means we can all connect, sharing stories and plans for the day. Breakfast is an individual affair, powered by freshly ground coffee or loose leaf tea. Each crew member gets their own bunk (they may be simple but are extremely comfortable) and storage cubby in a shared cabin. While we’re at sea, we expect everyone to stand watch for 3 hours out of every 9, then have 6 hours of free time to sleep, read, chat, or just watch the ocean. On anchor or in port things are a bit different depending on where we are but we can always guarantee some adventure – whether we provide opportunities to snorkel, hike, or explore ashore around scheduled meals.


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