As we venture further south the squalls build with strength and the crew build with confidence on how to manage these random pockets of pressure coming forward to test us. Having earned that right to step across that line, we cross the equator after thanking Poseidon himself for the safe passage he has gifted us and asking for more calm seas and fair winds onwards south.

Each night is giving the crew an exciting watch under the wide and open night skies, with our star naming getting better and the shooting star count increasing with some very special moments shared. We saw a particular shooting star which was one of the largest any of us have ever seen and possibly will ever see. Being able to share these moments with some great people is one of my favorite parts of this trip, with some finding it hard to adapt to sea life, these moments make it all worth it for them.

Deep into our transit south we are beginning to think of the moment we arrive in Tahiti, as by now the crew are understanding that all good moments on a boat at sea are earned with hard work and resilience of not falling short of keeping that course. They now think of the moment of arrival Tahiti and what that might feel like, the rumor of arrival date is being whispered down below, from cabin to cabin. Only a whisper for now as we still have nearly 1000 nm of water to cover and who knows what challenges that may hold.

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