Thursday 21st April, By Harriet

Consistent wind, lots of laughs and it is definitely getting warmer as we get further South. It took a couple of days for the crew to find their sea legs, (as expected!) but everyone is in good spirits and fully in the rhythm of life at sea now. 

This morning we arrived in Palmyra and have already been for a few hours snorkeling on the reefs. We have been welcomed by many boobies and even gained a few hitchhikers. Between us we have also already seen: a black tipped shark, lots of turtles and too many beautifully colored fish to name!

I asked the crew if they had any particular highlights, here are a few:

– Getting confidence on the helm in the waves. 
– Last nights dinner on deck watching the sunset with the whole crew. We had Ken and Alessandra on the Ukulele and Rob on the vocals
– At 2am on watch on Jake’s 29th birthday Rob got a flying fish square to the face… it hopped down the deck and Jake managed to rescue it and return it to the ocean. Both the fish and Rob were unharmed – just a little shocked!
– A particularly calm night watch, keeping on course by aiming at the Southern Cross, whilst also seeing loads of shooting stars.
– Approaching Palmyra – being somewhere so few people have ever been and with such tropical vibrant colors everywhere.
– Eric prides himself on collecting special moments and his answer when I asked if he could name one highlight so far: “The entire experience is extraordinary, but is in reach of anybody and at no moment do you feel it is not. You realize your dreams are achievable.”

We are currently anchored, sat on deck and enjoying some cold, freshly cut pineapple admiring the scenery in Palmyra… Everyone is grateful for the boat to be flat for a couple of nights and to have the chance to catch up on rest! 

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