Homeward Bound

It has been a tough few days for the crew since departing Palmyra. It was difficult to say goodbye to the pristine atoll, to the once in a lifetime experience but also to the stability that the anchorage provided. As soon as we exited the channel, we had 30knots of wind filling the sails. We began to heel over and pitch with the waves, and the sea sickness quickly returned for many of the crew. It is currently day 3 and we are still pitching and heeling over, the weather has been relentless with squall after squall brining up to 35knots and heavy rain showers. Cooking and eating has become quite the challenge with the regular bowl of cheerios flying across the saloon. The toilets have been adjusted to compensate for the heel, which is a relief to not be sliding off the seat, mid wee, when we hit a wave. The crew are certainly appreciating the luxuries of life on stable ground which they are now dreaming of. “It’s the hardest I have ever had to work to go to the toilet and change my clothes” Ting said. 620nm to go now and the weather forecast looks like we are going to finally get a break from the strong winds. The clouds are clearing which means starry nights are ahead of us and hopefully a chance for us to all dry out a bit. Reid is convinced that the weather gods are after him as it always rains on his watches. Most of the crew are getting over the sea sickness already with more color in everyone’s faces and more food on their plates. Life onboard is still vibrant with life stories being shared to pass the time and Sea Dragon is having a blast pushing us north upwind, just what she was built to do.