The crew seemed to be tight and united since the first day.. so, after the usual safety briefins and gaining confidence around the boat, we went for a refreshing swim and made a delicious BBQ prior to our departure.
On Tuesday morning we left our berth early morning and before setting course to Palmyra, we practiced the all important MOB (man over board) drill. 

Barbecue before we go

After being distracted by some humpback whales who came to wish us fair winds and see us off… we finally pointed the bow South and…. OFF WE ARE!
The first days passed pretty fast; the wind hasn’t  been too strong, so we had to motor a bit. We started fishing on day 2 but we haven’t caught anything yet, hopefully we will have more luck later on!!!
Last night we had some more consistent winds and we started eating miles…oh, she sails so beautifully with a good breeze!
Lots of action for those whom were awake last night too; we have encountered a couple of container ships heading to China, of which, one was right on our way and so we had to call them on the VHF asking to let us pass and so they gave us way. Such a giant compared to us.
The oceans are so big but then, suddenly you just come across someone else, and that may became tricky if you don’t keep a good lookout at all time; something that our crew had the opportunity to learn immediately.
So the day might seem to pass in a very simple way but there is always some excitement happening and that’s why we LOVE SAILING!!!


Ting on the Bow

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