Blog #2: To the Big Blue

Blog #2:  To the Big Blue

The mighty Sea Dragon is underway! Our crew has finally arrived in Ensenada. After a couple days of safety / domestic briefings, we have set sails and pointed our bow southwest. Destination, paradise. With the wind blowing mostly from the NW, we have been charging upwind through the Pacific on a close reach averaging around 7-10 knots boat speed. We are currently running both full stay sail, yankee, and mainsail at 1st reef.  The true wind is averaging around 15-18 knots, with occasional gusts in the lower 20’s. It is expected to drop down through out the day. The crew is adjusting pretty well to life on board at a 15 degree heel. After more than a few stumbles and bruises, everyone is starting to find their own groove, along with their sea legs. The crew is starting to fall into their own routine, with their designated team members. This entails standing watch, doing hourly boat logs, cooking, cleaning, and of course sailing. Luckily on this voyage we have a top notch crew that is comprised of sailors, adventurers, and amazing cooks who are all very competent and down to earth individuals. Knock on wood, nobody has gotten seasick yet. For the most part the skies have been mostly cloudy, usually clearing up at night. We were rewarded this morning with a beautiful sunrise, and sunshine to warm us up for most of the day. The days and nights are spent sailing, stargazing, reading, and enjoying honest conversations about life with some of the greatest company. Nothing beats sailing at night, with a sky full of stars, to the meditative sound of the water rushing along the boats hull and the occasional unexpected saltwater shower. The crew will begin their classes on celestial navigation today, taught by Captain Anna and First Mate Maggie. They will learn to navigate the open ocean using the stars, sun, and moon just as our ancestors have hundreds of years ago. The crew is more than keen to learn. The wind is expected to shift more NNE on Wednesday, putting us on a beam reach. Wind and sea state at around Force 4-5 per forecast. Overall, Sea Dragon is making great way, and the crew is in high spirits as we charge on down to the star of the Pacific.