Hawaii, sweet Hawaii

Hawaii, sweet Hawaii

There’s still no wind, so we’re continuing North under engine with the main set. This morning, Jeff and I were convinced we saw land off the starboard bow, but when I went to check the chart plotter we were over 200nm from the Big Island. FISH ON!!!! After almost 2 weeks of no fish, we caught not only one, but two beautiful Mahi Mahis. We celebrated by having a sushi bowl for dinner with some Mahi marinated in spicy teriyaki and soy sauce, and more with a garlic butter sauce. Thanks Anna and Maggie for helping with the fish because I have no idea what to do with it! We may not have been lucky with fish this trip, but the sunsets and sunrises have truly blessed everyday day. After dinner, the sun set with a deep orange and red colour, and those off-watch went to bed hoping to wake up to Oahu in the distance.

Okay, Jeff definitely spotted land this morning! 50nm off, and Oahu came over the horizon as the sun rose. It was all hands on deck for coming into Ko Olina Marina – the fenders needed inflating, stay sail stowed away, and mainsail flaked and cover on. By 1200 we were alongside the fuel dock awaiting to be cleared by customs. The left over Mahi was put to good use in fish tacos, and we fuelled up Sea Dragon while we waited. Not long after, Anna got a phone call saying the boat and crew are cleared through customs, and we made our way to M dock were Sea Dragon will stay for the next 10 days. We surprised the crew with cold beers to celebrate our trip, and then got to work to pack the boat away and give it a good clean before happy hour ended at the local bar!  Crew dinner was lovely, and Jay’s face when he took his first bite of meaty bacony goodness is something I will forever remember. I swear there was a year of joy as he took his second bite…

After a small lie in and pancakes and bacon for breakfast Jay, Rich, Anna and I went for a quick swim to cool off and had the first land showers in 3 weeks…I’m surprised they didn’t charge us extra water costs because we all really took our time! Martin was due to fly out that afternoon, so we said our goodbyes to him and Jay and Kim who made their way to Honolulu later in the afternoon. Then there was one…

We picked up the hire car this morning! Not a mini van like last time unfortunately but still a pretty big car. As the four of us had spent 3 weeks on a boat, we all decided a nice walk would blow the cobwebs away! If you’re ever in the Honolulu area, there’s a relatively easy walk up the Mānoa Valley with a tall waterfall at the top! It’s very touristy (as we discovered) but it’s super green and super pretty. 
Rich (being the last crew member left) then had the decision of where we should go for lunch and naturally he chose a local brewery!! I cannot tell you how much meat they all ordered…ribs, steak, sausages, pulled pork, pork belly…and a salad. Everyone craves different food when they arrive from a long trip, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if Rich has ordered a whole lettuce and ate it then and there because all he missed was salad!! After a few drinks with very full tummys, Maggie drove us back to the boat and we all collapsed after a long hard day’s work…;)

Today we said goodbye to Rich. He seemed pleased with the fact we kept him busy over the past couple days, and said he would go exploring the other islands before he flies home. Now, (all things going well…) there are very little major maintenance jobs to do until the next crew arrive so Anna and Maggie are planning to go to Big Island on Monday and spend a few days there exploring, adventuring, and meeting up with old friends. I, on the other hand, will be relaxing in Ko Olina – exploring the local sights and looking after the mighty Sea Dragon.