Farewell Palmyra

Farewell Palmyra

After 4 jam packed days snorkeling and swimming with the sharks, we were all sad to see Palmyra fade into the horizon. 
Palmyra really is a beautiful paradise in the North Pacific Ocean. We visited all the snorkeling sites and were not disappointed in the slightest. The pinks, purples, reds, oranges, yellows, blues and greens of the hundreds of species of corals took my breath away (which isn’t the best when swimming), and the hundreds of different tropical coral fish and sharks and manta rays was spectacular. There wasn’t a single day when we weren’t flabbergasted by the different snorkeling sites, all completely different with the shapes and sizes of the coral and fish. 
But alas, even in gems like these, plastic is still a big problem. On our way back from our last snorkel of the trip, Maggie and I with the help of Martin, Jay and Jeff, fished out 3 plastic bottles, a broken jerry can, and clumps of styrofoam. It was a depressing reminder that even if we are being as plastic eco friendly as possible, there is still plastic out there being dumped by others.

Okay, I’ll stop talking about how amazingly beautiful Palmyra Atoll is…

Thursday morning was a different kind of jam packed… We all got up early and started prepping Sea Dragon for sea once again. Both dinghies got deflated and packed away, morning clean was completed, and everything stowed away nicely. Anchor up at 12:56 exactly, and we waved farewell to the atoll that had looked after us for the past 4 days and nights, and we set sail for Oahu.


Well the sunset last night was to die for! Even with the sails up and engine on (as there was no wind), it was serene. Orange and red filled the sky behind us as we motor-sailed East. There’s a big patch of no wind and to and to make to journey north more comfortable, we motored as far East as possible so we didn’t have to sail into the wind and rain over the next few days. 
Fishing lines are in again as we’re all eager to catch a Yellow fin tuna. No luck as of yet, to be quite honest in the ways of fishing we’ve literally only caught the bonito during the first leg so all the carnivores onboard are dying for a bit of tuna steak!!
The wind picked up early this morning and has continued to veer round to the north east, which is perfect now as we’re pointing straight for Oahu going 9knots! 
Thank you to Maggie for the among risotto for dinner as we sail north into the night.