The Layovers

The Layovers

Many people ask us what we get up to in between trips… Other than missing the big blue, we spend a lot of time looking after Sea Dragon. She does such a good job of looking after us when we are exploring the oceans that it’s only fair that when we are on land, it is our turn! 

We work on her most days, maintaining her and thinking of new ways to make life better and more environmentally friendly for everyone onboard. It all starts with thoughts and conversation on night watches, which are personally my favourite time to reflect on the day whilst Sea Dragon carries us on our next adventure. This inspires an extensive jobs list that can range from servicing engines to defrosting the fridge, all of this is scheduled around some down time for exploring! Sea Dragon, however, gets priority, but she’s in fantastic shape. It is really nice to be making aesthetic turks heads for the helm and inventing ways on how to reduce our waste rather than fixing things.

So our jobs list is actually almost complete! Highlights have included Maggie getting stuck in the bilge! Myself, getting more paint on me than maybe on the boat, Sophie’s actual phobia of sanding!!! (it makes her skin crawl) However all of us have got stuck into all sorts, from the less glamorous servicing of the heads to stitching new covers. We have enjoyed every moment (well maybe not the poo pipes). Despite being a little sweaty, we know that Sea Dragon deserves it!

We have also been spoilt on our days off! A certain amount of luck has fallen and despite a shortage of hire cars due to covid, we managed to get our hands on one and a free upgrade to a Jeep: Maggie’s favourite!

It’s packed full of kitesurfing and photography gear, snorkels and paddle boards. We have been attempting to work out on boiling hot concrete and swimming every day in the sea. 

We are enjoying our time here however we are so excited to be welcoming a new crew and showing them Sea Dragon on top form on the way down to Tahiti! Standby for the best equator crossing ceremony, the planning has started and we are so excited.