A Message on the Coronavirus Outbreak to our Sailing Community


We are closely following the current Coronavirus outbreak and related travel developments. Unfortunately due to recent developments in the United States and Canada, we are having to delay our departure for Hawaii until June.

We are still hoping to sail the second half of our season, but will be monitoring events as they are unfolding and keep you appraised. Our schedule has been updated online, and we will keep it up to date as we make changes on a rolling basis.

We are very aware of the virus and will be implementing increased cleaning and sanitizing aboard. However, given the nature of our voyages, we do feel that on board Sea Dragon is as safe (if not safer) place as any. We sail and live aboard, and are very conscious of our health and that of our guests.

We have had a great start to our season in Southern California, and we continue to look forward to an amazing year of sailing in the Pacific. Currently all trips after and including the North Pacific Gyre remain unaffected, and we have contacted all guest crew to explain what is happening.