A Message on the Coronavirus Outbreak to our Sailing Community

A Message on the Coronavirus Outbreak to our Sailing Community

++UPDATED May 4 ++

We are closely following the current Coronavirus outbreak and related travel developments. Unfortunately due to recent developments in the United States and Canada, we are having to delay our departure for Hawaii until June.

We hope you are staying safe and healthy in these challenging times. We’ve been carefully monitoring developments in the Coronavirus pandemic from both federal, state, and local authorities along our summer sailing route. Despite our best efforts to find a way to sail, we have been forced to decide that it will not be possible to do so this year due to concerns about both logistics and safety.

Logistically, the restrictions set in place by governments around the world make travel to join the boat impossible. International and domestic air travel is severely curtailed and the US remains under a level 4 travel advisory. In addition, both Hawaii and Canada are imposing mandatory 14 day quarantines upon arrival regardless of time at sea and the land borders between Canada, Mexico, and the US remain closed for recreational travel, with no indications that they will reopen by our scheduled sailing dates.

Additionally on the medical front, we have spoken with our medical advisors, MSOS from the UK. They have provided guidance that clearly indicates we should not be sailing this season. All of the other adventure sailing and charter operators whom we are familiar with have come to the same conclusions.

We will sail again next year on a similar itinerary. All of our energy will be invested to make it the best season to date. We’ve already gotten in touch with all of the guests scheduled to sail with us this year and everyone we’ve spoken with has been excited to delay until the 2021 season. We will be publishing our tentative 2021 schedule by the end of May so that you can sign up for next year’s adventures.

We are feeling the draw of the sea and are as keen as you to be back on the water. This fall we are going to be doing┬áseveral short trips to the Channel Islands from San Diego for anyone who is planning to sail with us in 2021, logistics and health concerns permitting. It will be a great way to get out on the water during the best time of year in Southern California. We’ll sail, we’ll swim, and we’ll adventure together. We are also considering putting together a longer voyage down the Baja Peninsula in November or December. We will announce the details of these fall trips over the summer once we get a better sense of how things shake out with travel restrictions and governmental advisories.

While we wish we could be on anchor in Palmyra atoll right now, we hope you understand that our first priority is and always will be the safety of our crew and guests. We’re all going to need to get out on the water next year, and we are grateful that we and Sea Dragon are safely in San Diego and well positioned for an amazing 2021 sailing season. Personally, we have struggled with the reality of needing to make this decision and we appreciate you sticking with us. We look forward to having you aboard next year for endless horizons, incredible starry skies, and breathtaking sunsets. We heave to now, ready to sail after we’ve all weathered this storm.


Eric & Shanley