Thoughts from a Week of Mindfulness at Sea

Three fantastic ladies, Frankie, Anna and Sarah travelled from Colorado to join our Mindfulness at Sea trip with Lucy Hunt. Not only did they experience Mindfulness but much more. Read all about it here on the blog.

Trade Wind Challenge – Day 1
We have challenged the trade winds whilst learning to sail
We have been mindful on the bow of a beautiful yacht
We have slept under the shooting stars
We have fixed a cheeky flake so the baton lays on the boom
We have dominated the anchor with a nautical shiv
We have spied an octopus guarding its lair
We have chased the barracudas back into the sea
We have taken a nana-nap dangerously close to the snake pit
We have watched a frigate bird sail through a rainbow
We have witnessed a biblical sunset from the bow of a dinghy
We have crafted a shelter from a tarp and a few slip knots
We have captured a cocophany of tree frogs in our hands
We have participated in a pre-full moon fish-orgy
We have eaten granola with the virgin island breeze at our backs
We have bathed in the ocean off the stern of the boat
We have backstroked through the turquoise-blue waters
We have seen a field of purple patches laid egg by egg
We have nestled down snug in our bunks
We have done so much but we have not yet meditated off of Jost Van Dyke….


We Jost Wanna Stay in Van Dyke – Day 2
We have mindfully meditated off of Jost Van Dyke
We have made the passage from St.John into the BVIs
We have lowered the stay sail amongst a welcome party of dolphins
We have journeyed through isolated villages, barely marred by modernity
We have been dazzled by endless arcing rainbows
We have tickled the goats and soothed the fish that live on Little JVD
We have bathed in the light of the winter super moon in Sandy Spit
We have braved the cruel wind and rain of a tropical depression
We have shimmied up the mast of a racing yacht
We have fraternized with hermit crabs mating in the tide
We have  been tethered to the bow of a boat during a tiny squall
We have represented the lovely Sea Dragon as her loyal crew for the British
We have raised and lowered the quarantine flag in under 1 hour
We lost a fin while surfing solo over a coral reef
We listened to the hollering wind whiz through the wind vanes to create power
We have looked up at the rainstorm from the bottom of the Caribbean Sea
We witnessed two back to back ethereal sunsets with rays of light extending
But we have not done yoga on the sandy shores of deserted Green Cay…..


Day 3 – Little Jost Van Dyke to Monkey Point, Guana Island
We have Cayga’d on the deserted Green Cay
We have run to shelter into the turquoise waters
We have drifted together in the sea under the tropical rain
We have swam long distance to our floating home
We have experienced meditation zen onboard our chilled out oasis
We have spotted our solo kitesurfer
We have snorkelled amongst filefish, sweetlips and beagle eyed spotted fish
We have investigated a deserted beach bar boat
We have cleaned litter from empty beaches
We have watched and experienced dramatic weather fronts
We have watched tropic birds fly alongside
We have witnessed yet another celestial sunset
We have motored to Monkey Point Guana Island
We have meditated under moonlight
We have chatted happily under the Full moons watch
We have not faced our fears at Monkey Point


Day 4 – Guana Island to Gorda Sound
We have meditated on a deserted beach
We have taken shelter in the ocean from the tropical rain
We have faced our fears aboard our Dragon of the Sea
We have snorkelled at Monkey Point amongst thousands of fish
We have spied a spindly lobster hiding under the rocks
We have seen a stonefish imaging its base
We have been creeped out by a moray eel
We have arrived in Gorda Sound
We have had sundowners on Saba rock
We have witnessed giant tarpon being fed from the dock
We have munched on fish tacos and burgers
We have held 2.8million$$ worth of silver in our hands
We have seen the anchor, cannon and other amazing artefacts from the
shipwrecked Rhone
We have mused at anemones and sideways swimming fish
We have moonbathed in Gorda Sound
But we have not yet mindfully hiked the BVI


Day 5 – Gorda Sound
We have totally chilled after body scan meditation
We have read novels aboard our floating home
We have searched for sea turtles amongst a sea grass meadow
We have had super yachts as our neighbours
We have chilled out in Bittern End Yacht Club
We have browsed the shops in Leverick Harbour
We have had needle fish nearly jump into our dinghy
We have snorkelled under shooting stars with the moons watch
We have watched stingrays and lobsters in our torch light on a night snorkel
We have witnessed a Caribbean reef shark wander away from us in the night
But we have not done yoga on the dock of a tropical yacht club


Day 6 – Gorda Sound -Peter Island
We have dockya’d at Bittern End Yacht Cub whilst SUPers saluted the sun
We have visited The Baths of the BVI
We have witnessed colossal granite in a natural cathedral
We have mindfully walked through boulder caves
We have waded through turquoise waters and white sands
We have been in the company of a graceful turtle surfacing for air and foraging for
We have buddha’d underwater
We have spotted a nurse shark hiding under a bommie whilst snorkelling at Peter
We have been watched carefully by a lobster from his safe haven
We have been awed by a menacing moray
We have practiced loving kindness under the twinkling stars
But we have not dived off the bow of Sea Dragon


Day 7 – Peter Island to Christmas Cove
We have hiked the sunset loop of Peter Island
We have smelled fragrant frangipani at the Eagles Nest
We have been windblasted and stood with giants of wind power
We have raced alongside sailing boats
We have seen dramatic weather fronts come our way
We have been rained on and rolled about in squalls
We have cleared in with customs at Cruz USVI
We have jumped off the bow of Sea Dragon
We have dived under a12 ton keel
We have learned a new stroke, the butterfly
We have mindfully swam in the ocean that connects us all
But we have not yet been to Antigua!