Mindfulness at Sea

Three fantastic ladies, Frankii, Anna and Sarah travelled from Colorado to join our Mindfulness at Sea trip with Lucy. Not only did they experience Mindfulness but much more. Read all about it here on the blog:

Trade Wind Challenge – Day 1
We have challenged the trade winds whilst learning to sail
We have been mindful on the bow of a beautiful yacht
We have slept under the shooting stars
We have fixed a cheeky flake so the baton lays on the boom
We have dominated the anchor with a nautical shiv
We have spied an octopus guarding its lair
We have chased the barracudas back into the sea
We have taken a nana-nap dangerously close to the snake pit
We have watched a frigate bird sail through a rainbow
We have witnessed a biblical sunset from the bow of a dinghy
We have crafted a shelter from a tarp and a few slip knots
We have captured a cocophany of tree frogs in our hands
We have participated in a pre-full moon fish-orgy
We have eaten granola with the virgin island breeze at our backs
We have bathed in the ocean off the stern of the boat
We have backstroked through the turquoise-blue waters
We have seen a field of purple patches laid egg by egg
We have nestled down snug in our bunks
We have done so much but we have not yet meditated off of Jost Van Dyke….