The leg 4 crew happily (!) left the boat this Saturday in Sandhamn after an eventful week. There are more stories to tell and I do not think we heard the last from them yet.

On Sunday we got a new crew on board for the day. Politicians, representatives from government agencies, and sponsors visited us and joined Sea Dragon for a day sail in the Stockholm archipelago. We sampled the water for particles using the pump and also showed some of the trawl samples from the expedition. To symbolize the whole expedition, the weather was very nice at the beginning and then quickly changed to a heavy downpour. It was a successful day despite this, the pump was working, and there were lots of discussions and positive comments.

New Crew


Isabella Lövin, member of the European Parliament, and Matilda Ernkrans, chairman of the Environment and Agriculture Committee in the Swedish Parliament, examines one of the particle filters.

– Sea Dragon crew, Baltic Sea Discovery expedition with MTM Research Centre, August 21, 2014

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