Today we had an early day, waking up at 4am, as I and my watch team had the pleasure of steering the boat in the early morning hours. We had been anchored close to land during the night, to get protection from the wind, but this morning we headed out to do samplings in the Bothnian Bay. Something we were prevented from doing the day before due to rough weather.
After the sampling we headed south to reach the next position. However, the weather turned worse during the day; first heavy rain, and later big waves. Despite that the windy weather made the sampling impossible and made several people seasick, this weather gave us a great chance to see this boat using its full potential, as the boat was heeling over. This was both much fun to some of us, as we did the so-called hiking, sitting on the rails with the legs over board. But when being downstairs, the heeling over made it difficult to walk around, as you constantly were tipping over to the side the boat was leaning to.

 – Sea Dragon crew, Baltic Sea Discovery expedition with MTM Research Centre, August 13, 2014
This post originally appeared on the Baltic Sea Expedition 2014 blog here

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