From the Gyre to BVI | Sailing Expeditions

From the Gyre to BVI | Sailing Expeditions

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I feel like people often write about all of their firsts when they travel, so I am going to write about some of my seconds. For instance, this is the second time I have left the country and so far it has been an absolutely amazing experience.  I had no idea what to expect arriving in Bermuda about to spend the next 2 months on Sea Dragon, but I have zero complaints so far.

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Eric, Shanley and Mitch have been so great to work with and learn from. By my second watch with Eric on the way to St. Thomas, I finally understood sailing a little more and I was actually enjoying my time (mostly because I had finally stopped being sick!).  The open ocean is an awesome place but I will definitely say I was slightly excited to see land.

This was also my second time diving in the Caribbean, which has been great – except I have realized all those hours I spent in college memorizing fish and coral species didn’t exactly stay in my head, bummer!

We are currently anchored in Gorda Sound, of the British Virgin Islands. When we aren’t working on the boat, our time is spent exploring the surrounding islands, which are so beautiful I might add. St. Thomas was cool but Charlotte Harbor made me despise cruise ships.

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Our science crew from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute will be joining us next week and it is expected to be awesome. I plan on getting the most out of our “thanksgiving break” while we still have the boat to ourselves.  I am fully looking forward to all the firsts and seconds I will be experiencing in the next coming weeks.  Also, definitely looking forward to my second rope swing experience and hoping it goes better than my first.

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