Through the course of my research I have discovered that many countries around the world including France, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Rwanda, Somalia, Germany, Belgium, Bhutan, India, Sweden, Malta and Japan, plus many more have banned free plastic bags, some have imposed an outright ban of such consumable plastics. Decisions taken democratically (in most cases) centrally to preserve the environment and we are still ‘thinking about it’, what else is there to think about … seems to me like a no brainer!

It did set me thinking, why are we fighting town by town to ban the bag, to increase awareness about consumable plastics that filled the consumable 80’s and on into the 90’s that we are now loathed to let go of. Surely it is a simple decision to come from Westminster … who could object, set a date, arrange consultation and hey presto! For those that cannot manage without, point of sale bio-degradable or cornstarch bags can be provided at a cost. No consumable plastic bags – thank-you!

Remember it will not single handedly save the planet but it will ripple out to create a change in mindset, and that is what we need for our environment, our future and that of the oceans

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