We’re grateful to all the sponsors who have helped us and continue to help us in our mission:





Spinlock is an independent and innovative company, widely acknowledged as the world expert in rope holding. They are committed to reducing their impact on the environment and are proud to support a number of charities and organizations.

Spinlock has kindly donated 16 deck vest life jackets for use on Sea Dragon and keeps us supplied with replacements and spares.







Mantus Marine

Mantus Marine is an independent company creating innovative solutions to common cruising problems. Founded in 2012, the team at Mantus Marine (formally Mantus Anchor) are seasoned cruisers living in the cruising community and are very in touch with cruising needs.

Mantus Marine kindly provided us with a discounted anchor, headlamps, and great support.








North Sails

North Sails is the world leader in sailmaking through an ongoing commitment to making sails that are faster, lighter and longer lasting than any other sails in the world.

North Sails has kindly given us a discount on new sails.









The Aquapac team prides itself on providing the highest quality waterproof cases and bags for Cameras, iPhone, iPad, iPod, mobile phones, laptops and more.

In 2013, Aquapac co-sponsored a raffle, which gave the first place winner a chance to join a voyage on Sea Dragon and three runners-up various waterproof protection for their equipment.

Aquapac have kindly donated waterproof cases and bags for all of our gear







Sherwood Scuba

Sherwood Scuba is one of the world’s leading dive equipment manufacturers supplying dive operations and resorts around the world.

Sherwood Scuba has kindly donated 6 sets of scuba gear to use on Sea Dragon







Pelican Ropes

PELICAN Rope, an ISO9001:2008 Certified Rope Manufacturer, is a leading provider of recreational and rescue products for the marine market worldwide.

Pelican Ropes has kindly given us a discounted price on new lines for Sea Dragon.







Life Factory

With a strong sense of environmental and social responsibility, Lifefactory offers BPA Free Glass Bottles, BPA Free Baby Bottles, Water Bottles, BPA Free Teethers, Glass Bottles with Silicone Sleeve, Teethers.

Lifefactory has kindly donated a set of water bottles to maintain hydration while on Sea Dragon.







Lunasea Lighting

A Florida based company specialising in Marine, Home, Recreactional and specialty lighting.

Lunasea Lighting has kindly donated 4 sets of marine LED lights for use on Sea Dragon.








If you are interested in sponsoring the boat, send an email to; info@panexplore.com