Mission Lead an Expedition

Mission Lead an Expedition


We are always looking for inspiring multidisciplinary people to lead a trip in a way that enables learning and working together to find solutions to the diverse facets that challenge the conservation of our waters.

It might be marine or conservational scientific research. Educational or highlighting the lack of diversity in gender roles in STEM professions, explorations and sporting events.
Whatever your discipline, we can help you share your vision,in a unique setting, aboard a livaboard sailing yacht and research vessel.


So Join Us | Lead | Inspire


How to start

Either choose a trip from within the form below, are ask for a tailor made expedition that fits with your vision


It starts with you, whatever that vision is;  whether cleaning the Pacific Ocean of plastics, researching coral reefs, documenting the impact of invasive species on local ecosystems, or highlighting the link between plastic pollution and the effect it has on our health.

 Your vision might be to get involved in hurricane cleanups – the trawling and documenting waste collection for data analysis or simply the movement of much-needed aid.

It could be bringing together all-female yacht crews or run a team building adventure sailing trip or trying your hand at sailing any one of our great oceans or simply racing a 72ft sailing yacht.

It is your vision, and we will work tirelessly with you to help make it happen.


Give it purpose
Every vision needs a purpose, give it one, you will be surprised how many others there will be who share your vision, or one very similar to yours. Gathering like-minded supporters of your vision are what makes a successful and fulfilling expedition.  Highlight your vision, through conferences, sponsorship, film, photography or educational talks. Empower people to learn about our oceans and sea, how to protect them, how to use our waters sustainably in pursuit of leisure activities.


We Need From You
Clear and understandable vision of your mission
The ability to work with our skippers and first mates to pull together an itinerary
The ability to pull together an expedition profile – summary of the trip and information on yourself
Work out costs for the trip
The ability to encourage people to imagine your vision but also excite them enough to join you.
The ability to reach out to your network to fill spots on the trip.
The enthusiasm to work on advertising and marketing for your project
The desire to deliver Expedition tools for the trip itself – talks, workshops and anything else you think will add to it


From Us
We offer you an experience of a lifetime aboard our Challenge 72 sailing vessel Sea Dragon. A research vessel with lab space, dissecting microscopes, dive gear, ROV’s and surface net trawling gear. She has a crew capacity of 14 and is capable of 10knots
We provide highly experienced and qualified crew; 1 skipper, 1 mate, and a deckhand.
We provide remote Medical offshore support.
We provide administrative support for your trip and potential guests.
We provide extensive knowledge and assistance in making your trip happen.


Trip Practicalities

We can accommodate many varieties of trip length, our most popular are 6 night 7-day trips, but we do and have accommodated everything from 3 night 4 days up to multiple month expeditions

Arrivals and Departures
We usually have everyone arriving the afternoon before setting sail. And then dropping anchor at the finish, the day before everyone leaves

Trip Location
If you have a specific location in mind, we will endeavor to accommodate it. If not, you can see where the boat will be over the next year and take on any of the trips without a leader.

Consolidating Trip
Once you have your mission dates and locations, we can connect you with our skipper and first mate to see what might work and to help initialize your trip.

Then it’s just about filling those spots on the trip!
Reach out to your networks to get the word out.You really need a full boat of 10 confirmed to make a trip work. Utilising advertising and editorial options, make finding like-minded people easier, as does use of social media networks. We will support you in all of this as much as possible.


Cost of Hiring Sea Dragon

The cost of running Sea Dragon is $4000 per day (well actually per night (ie 6 days, 5 nights = $20k)

This Includes
Everything to run the boat.
That is a fully qualified Skipper, Mate and Deckhand crew.
Full offshore medical support.
All Food, and bedding
Full use of research and dive equipment aboard Sea Dragon.
Satellite communications

Not Included
Guest Crew Flights
Transfers to and from Sea Dragon
Personal Insurance
Hotel Costs
Your expenses and fees

How to calculate the cost per person
So $4000 per day, needs to be multiplied by the number of days, then include your fee (if adding one). This total; (cost per day+number of days+your fee) is then divided by 10 (based on 10 guest crew) for the cost per person.


Trip Itinerary

It’s in the Planning;
If you already have an idea as to the itinerary you want to keep.. that’s great, discuss the details with our Skipper and first mate, best times to do your sessions, activities, sail and have some leisure time.
Once this is done, then they worry about all the details.
If you are unsure of an itinerary or need help building an itinerary, have a chat with us or our boat crew, we have a long history in organizing these trips, we can help.
Ideally, you should be looking at about 2 or 3 ‘mission’ sessions per day. These should last approximately 1. 5 -2.0 hours each session, equally spread out during the day. One morning session, one afternoon and possibly one evening session, is a good base. It’s good to keep lots of chat time between sailing/snorkeling/exploring activities. It’s good to know what sessions you want to do and then play it by ear a little depending on the moment/ mood of the group.

If you’re still keen to be a mission leader and share your project with the world, then please apply here to “>Join us | Lead & Inspire or email at info@panexplore.com


Sample Itinerary

Download our Mission Leader Document