What We Do

What We Do

Join Us – Expedition Sailing with Pangaea Exploration

True to our beliefs, we are passionate about involving you in our mission!

Our support of marine exploration, education and conservation work is specifically designed to create space for regular people to join the front line team. This is true all over the world’s oceans from the Sargasso Sea expedition to look for marine plastics, to a transit of the Southern Ocean.

On our expedition vessel Sea Dragon, professional leaders work alongside visiting crew as one team. This synergy provides valuable manpower, skills and financial support to our broader mission. We give you the chance to step forward into the front-line issues, see first-hand how the work is done, build skills and live a genuine adventure.

At Pangaea Exploration we provide a platform for high seas research, conservation, education, & filming, from your home waters to the most remote corners of the world. We partner with individuals, organisations and universities worldwide to accomplish these missions. Our trips include formal scientific and conservation expeditions as well as sailing voyages and occasional private charters.

If you represent an organized project, we can provide carefully tailored support to your team. We specialize in remote, high seas, long-distance marine work. Through our vessel Sea Dragon and crew we can support teams of up to 12 on extended journeys and a wide range of objectives. Our unique platform and working model also make us a highly cost-effective solution.

Sea Dragon Expeditions:

  1. Expedition Sailing: We exist to provide uniquely capable and efficient support to marine research, exploration, education and conservation teams. Example work has included remote island surveys of conservation issues, diving and u/w video, offshore plastics sampling and collection, water quality monitoring and student educational trips. We either support teams exclusively or open up the trip to paying visitor crew providing valuable crew and financial support to the work. No boat can do everything, everywhere, but our team enjoys the challenge of working with you to support your project requirements. Furthermore, we understand how expensive access to the marine environment can be. Our sailing vessel and working approach is cost efficient by design. Additionally, we are comfortable working with commercial sponsors and paying guest crew- both of which can significantly reduce our cost to you. Our natural strengths are:
    • Passage and living support of working teams of up to 12 guest crew
    • Travel to and operation in remote unsupported locations. The boat is designed to support a full crew for months and can transit any of the worlds oceans.
    • Coastal exploration with solid anchoring, forward-looking sonar and twin inflatable boats with outboards
    • Air Diving with diesel compressor and extensive medical and oxygen support
    • Light equipment and trawl deployment. We can adapt boat systems to support specialized research or media equipment
  2. Sailing Voyages: Join exceptional sailing expeditions across oceans on high-seas adventure and exploration. Pangaea Explorations offers unique chances to join the sailing vessel Sea Dragon on dedicated sailing trips. Typically 7-21 days in duration, these trips take you on board a proven ocean sailing vessel to explore, learn and build lasting relationships. As a member of the crew, you are expected to join in all aspects of sailing and life aboard. You will be hands-on sail rigging, navigation, watches, route planning, weather analysis, radio communications, maintenance and all the basic duties of running an ocean sailing vessel. Our professionally licensed crew lead the boat and create a strong learning environment. Attitude, team skills and commitment are the important pre-requisites. Prior sailing experience is helpful, but not required. Beyond the pure adventure, these trips are also a great way to build specific sailing skills and experience. Have a look at our “Expedition Schedule and Expedition Roster for the latest information
  3. Private Charter: When not specifically engaged in Adventure Sailing or formal Expeditions, we do make Seadragon available for crewed charter. In this way, you may design your own private expedition or passage specifically to your needs. Examples include family vacations, sail training, and corporate events. Let us know what you are looking for and we will plan it together.


You can learn more about life, crew roles and expectations, trip logistics, and costs on Sea Dragon Expeditions here:

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