Line Islands | Hawaii – Hawaii

Line Islands | Hawaii – Hawaii

Feb 13 – Mar 2  | 

Limited Availability

This trip is a blast – we’ll leave from Oahu for a few days of power reaching in the trades before negotiating the ITCZ, also known as the Doldrums! Squalls and unsettled weather abound, but the rewards for careful boat handling are beautiful sunsets, rainbows, and the satisfaction of sailing fast in tough conditions.   We’re planning to then stop at Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, which lies within the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument.  This visit is dependent upon a permit which won’t be issued until the day we depart Hawaii, however we expect to be able to obtain it.   At the request of the refuge, we are limiting our group size for this trip, so it will really be an intimate experience.

In 2019 we were the first ecotourism visit to Palmyra since it became a National Wildlife Refuge, and it was extraordinary!  We have never been on such a beautiful and healthy reef.  Almost anywhere else you go will be spoiled for you after this visit.  This is really something special, and the only way to visit is by sea.  Palmyra was a US naval base in World War II, the sight of several failed copra plantations, and and the destination of many adventurers and dreamers up through the 90s.  Since then, Palmyra has been jointly managed by the Nature Conservancy and US Fish & Wildlife service, who are doing an amazing job maintaining it as a research station and restoring native Pacific atoll ecosystems to the island.  This is the trip we are most excited about this year.

After Leaving Palmyra, we’ll sail the remaining 360 miles to Kiritimati, the largest atoll in the world. Upon arrival in Kiritimati, we hope to be greeted by the huge Manta Rays that cruise the anchorage off the Copra Pier.  We should arrive in enough time to have some time to explore, either in the water or on shore.  Fancy a trip to Banana or Paris, or perhaps going to visit the british nuclear bomb testing site at the far end of the island?  

We’ll depart Kiritimati and sail through the ITCZ to Tabuaeran (Fanning), a remote atoll of Kiribati.  Squalls and unsettled weather abound, but the region rewards careful boat handling with beautiful sunsets, rainbows, and the satisfaction of sailing fast in tough conditions.  

Fanning is a remarkably remote place.  Approximately 2000 people live on this tiny atoll, which is supplied by ship only a few times a year.  There are charter flights to get here, but they are very unreliable and expensive.  When we visited in 2019, there were 5 Australian tourists on the island, but they were the first to visit in about a month.  The locals fish, farm, and enjoy life, sailing and racing traditional sailing canoes throughout the lagoon.  We’re excited to explore the lagoon and surrounding reefs with some snorkeling missions in our tenders.     

After a exploring this spectacular remote atoll, we’ll depart for almost 1000NM of close reaching through the trades. It’ll be fast, furious, and fun sailing until the green mountains of Oahu heave over the horizon to windward. These islands are truly remote, and the best way to get to them is by sea. Come with us and explore some of the Central Pacific’s gems before they’re gone.

These islands are truly remote, and the best way to get to them is by sea. Come with us and explore some of the Central Pacific’s gems.

This trip is an RYA Yachtmaster Ocean and IYT MOY Unlimited qualifying voyage – contact us to discuss!

Ardent Training is offering a significant discount on the RYA Day Skipper Theory online course to anyone signed up for this trip. If you’re interested in taking the course, let us know when you sign up!

  • Cost: $4950
  • Date: Feb 13 – Mar 8, 2022 
  • Start: Honolulu, Hawaii
  • End: Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Length: 24 days, 23 nights
  • Focus: Offshore Passagemaking | Swimming & Snorkeling | Tropical Island Exploration

While we can’t guarantee that our protocol will 100% prevent a COVID infection onboard, we are hopeful that it will reduce the risk of a serious COVID-19 infection far from advanced medical care.

 COVID Protocol:

Everyone on board the vessel for this trip MUST provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination, with the final dose ocurring at least 15 days prior to boarding.

14 days before trip: I agree to take maximum precautions to minimize my risk of infection with COVID-19 by following CDC guidelines.

72 Hours Before Boarding: I agree to take a PCR covid test at my own expense. If a testing site is available that can provide results in less than 72 hours, I agree to get tested as close to the date and time of boarding as is consistent with receiving results before boarding.

Day of Arrival at boat:  We will take your temperature and administer a rapid antigen test to you before you come in close contact with the rest of the crew. With proof of a negative PCR result, a temperature of under 100.4 F, and a negative rapid test, you will be able to board Sea Dragon. Once everyone is on board, we will fall into the normal routine for trip operations. We’ll become a “bubble” with no masks required on board. You’ll choose your bunk, we’ll have a group dinner on board and go through safety briefings for departure. 

In the event that you do not provide proof of vaccine, test positive on either the PCR test or your pre-boarding rapid test, or have a fever, you will not be allowed aboard the vessel, and we will be happy to transfer your payment to a trip of your choosing at a later date.

COVID NOTE:  As of 9/24, The government of Kiribati has announced that it plans to open its border in January 2022, but has not yet announced the protocols.  Our COVID protocols for this trip may change to reflect national requirements for entry to Kiribati.  If the borders do not open, we will modify this itinerary, and will be happy to either fully refund you or transfer you to another trip if you do not want to sail the new itinerary.

THIS TRIP IS FULLY BOOKED. However, we may have more space become available by January 15. If you sign up for the waitlist, we will contact you no later than January 15 to let you know if space is available on board, and if not we will refund your $500 deposit in full.

Please review our crew contract, which will apply if you come off the waitlist and onto the trip. If space does not become available we will be happy to refund your waitlist deposit.

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“This was one of the best vacations I have ever had. I learned a lot about plastics, coral, and the environment from skipper, first mate, and knowledgeable crew … Eric and Shanley were professional and super fun! The boat was perfectly set up and maintained for our trip. I look forward to more adventures with Eric and Shanley.”

-Shana B.


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Tentative Itinerary

Day 1:  Arrival On Board  Sea Dragon  

You’ll join us at Ko Olina Marina in Oahu between 1500 and 1700 to move on board. You’ll have the opportunity to find your bunk and get settled in. We’ll all gather together for our first dinner on board.  Afterwards your professional crew will take you through general life on board and safety procedures. You’ll be fitted for your lifejacket, and if you didn’t bring any with you, foul weather gear. You’ll have the rest of the evening free to do what you please, whether reading a book or taking a walk along the shore to give your legs a nice stretch before going to sea.

Day 2:  Safety Training & Officialdom

We’ll spend the day learning how to safely handle Sea Dragon and deal with any situations that may arise. We’ll also have a visit from the Palmyra Station Fish and Wildlife representative on Oahu to discuss the rules and conditions of our visit, as well as to give us a quick orientation to the island we’ll be visiting.  Depending on time and weather, we’ll probably go for a quick day sail to practice what we’ve learned, or maybe even go snorkeling with turtles and dolphins at a nearby beach.

Day 3:  Departure from Green to Big Blue

After breakfast, we’ll drop lines and head out to sea. As we set our sails and point south, the backdrop of green mountainsides will slowly fade and give way to a 360-degree endless horizon. We’ll settle into our watch schedule and routine for our 1000NM sail.

Day 4 – 6:  Underway Offshore

We’ll have some nice fast sailing on our way to the Central Pacific atoll of Palmyra. Fingers crossed we’ll be visited by dolphins, whales and endless sea birds. The warm tropical sailing will be quite the treat!  

Day 7:  Atoll Arrival

Welcome to Palmyra! We’ll make our way through the reef and anchor in the lagoon on this gorgeous atoll. Keep an eye out for all types of life –  manta rays, melon-headed whales, sharks, and dolphins! We’ll meet the refuge staff and get an orientation to this very special location. There’s nothing like dinner on deck at anchor in a remote location such as this. 

Day 8:  Another World Exploration

We’ll take full advantage of our surroundings over the three days on location. Exploration is the name of the game. We’ll work closely with the scientists and staff on Palmyra to minimize our impact on this special place as we explore ashore, paddle board in the lagoon, and get a chance to snorkel on some of the most spectacular reefs in the world. Nights at anchor.  Depending on weather, we may depart this afternoon to head to Kiritimati , but if all is well we’ll spend a final night in the lagoon.

Day 9:  Back to Sea

After a visit to a place you can only get to by sea, we’ll pick anchor and head out of the lagoon when the light is favorable. We’ll set sail once again and point our bow north towards Hawaii and settle in for an upwind sail.

Day 10-11:  Underway to Kiritimati

We’ll ply the waters of the tropical Pacific en route to Kiritimati.

Day 12:  Arrival at Kiritimati

We’ll arrive at the largest atoll in the world and anchor off the Copra Pier.  With any luck we’ll be visited by manta rays, and will clear in through Customs & Immigration.

Day 13:  Island Exploration

Today is a day to explore the island – we can snorkel, swim, or go ashore on the largest atoll in the world.  We hope that we may be able to arrange dinner on shore at Timei’s Lagoon view Motel.

Day 14:  Departure for Tabuaeran

After a restful night on board, it will be time to get Sea Dragon ready to sail. After a hearty breakfast and clearing customs and immigration, we’ll up anchor and set our sails. We’ll fall into watches and settle in for our first night at sea under the gorgeous stars of the equatorial Pacific.

Day 15:  Atoll Arrival

Welcome to Tabuaeran! We’ll make our way through the reef and anchor in the lagoon on this gorgeous atoll. Keep an eye out for all types of life from manta rays to sharks to dolphins! After clearing customs and immigration, we’ll relax after our passage and go for a swim. We’ll end the day with dinner on deck in this extraordinary location.

Day 16:  Another World Exploration

We’ll take full advantage of our surroundings during our visit, and exploration is the name of the game. A long walk on white sandy beaches, a snorkel over some of the best reefs in the world, and a visit with the local community. Night on anchor in the lagoon.

Day 17:   Back to Sea

After a special visit to a place you can only get to by sea, we’ll up anchor and head out of the lagoon when the light is favorable. We’ll set sail once again and point our bow towards Oahu as we settle in for our second passage.

Day 18-22:  Underway Offshore

We’ll have some nice fast sailing on our way to the lush volcanic Hawaiian Island chain. Fingers crossed we’ll be visited by dolphins, whales and endless sea birds. The warm tropical sailing will be quite the treat!

Day 23:  Arrival in Oahu

We’ll spot Oahu on the horizon farther out from land than when coming into Tabuaeran. We’ll keep our eyes peeled, and only the one with the eagle’s eye will be lucky enough to call “Land Ho!”.  Slowly, the island will get bigger and more detailed, until it’s time to drop sails outside the channel for Ko Olina Marina and head in to find our berth. While we wait to get cleared through customs and immigration we’ll tidy Sea Dragon.

Day 24:  Departure Day

After a night on the dock after passage, we’ll have a final breakfast together and wait to finish clearing through customs and immigration. Once the paper work is done, it will be time to disembark Sea Dragon at 1500. We’ll say so long to each other but not goodbye. You’ll be free to explore the tropical and volcanic Hawaiian Island chain as you wish on your own.  



What's Included

Contribution Includes:
– 23 nights accommodation on Sea Dragon,
All meals (vegetarian), snacks, and drinks on board
– Sailing Instruction
– Safety equipment and foul weather gear
– Masks, fins, snorkels
– Use of inflatable paddle boards

Contribution does not include:
– Transportation to and from Hawaii
– Transportation to and from the boat
– Additional nights spent ashore
– Personal expenses while in port

Packing List  
Travel Details

You will join the boat on Oahu between 1500-1700 on the first day.    You will depart the boat on Oahu at 1200 on the last day. 

Honolulu International Airport (HNL) is about a 30 minute drive from Ko Olina.

All crew members will require a passport and visas from their home country that will allow them to travel to/ from Kiribati and the USA. Please ensure that you have any necessary visas for Kiribati before joining the vessel in Hawaii.

If you are not a citizen of Canada, the US, or Bermuda, you will need to have a B1/B2 visa to be allowed to re-enter Hawaii.  Please ensure you have the appropriate paperwork completed before joining the vessel, or you will not be allowed to board. Please look into the specific type of visa you need for arriving at these destinations by sea, or contact us directly to discuss.

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