Jul 21st – Jul 28th 2018 | COMPLETED Private Trip eXX

eXXpedition x Pangaea Exploration partnership.

Girls eXXpedition join us for their second of two mission expeditions in the Pacific

North Pacific 2018 | leg 2

The adventurous women on this eXXpedition will join us in the Pacific aboard SV Sea Dragon to sail and explore remote coastlines to survey for plastic pollution
We will be island hopping to Vancouver Island, off Canada’s Pacific Coast, to find out how plastic pollution is impacting local communities. This sail will also involve cleanup projects where possible.

No experience needed, a passion for adventure a must!

Whether you are a first-timer wanting to see for yourself the issues facing our oceans, or a seasoned pro wanting to get that Pacific notch on your belt and feel some adrenalin… this trip is for you.

For more information
visit http://exxpedition.com/expeditions/north-pacific-2018/

    • Date: July 21st – 28th, 2018
    • Depart: Vancouver, BC, Canada
    • Arrive: Seattle, WA, USA
    • Length: 8 days, 7 nights
    • Focus: Adventure Sailing | eXXpedition – making the unseen seen program


Pangaea Team:


To Imo it feels just as natural being in the water as out, a true water baby spending much of her upbringing by the water on the south coast of the UK. Growing up in small sailing dinghy’s and swimming competitively; she has now been working as a professional Skipper for the past 7 years. Covering many miles all over the world, focusing a lot in the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. Over these years she has built a huge passion for the world’s oceans, the environment and protecting nature.

Imogen is a crew member on her local RNLI LifeBoat and loves to spend her days in the ocean; diving, surfing & kite surfing she also has a true love for photography. Holding her MCA/RYA Yachtmaster Ocean, MCA/RYA Cruising instructor, MCA Ship’s Captain Medical & PADI Rescue Diver.



Sailing started for Anna due to her Grandfather, a sailor himself he taught Anna how to sail at an early age. By the tender age of six, Anna and her cousin were competitively racing Cadets out of Parkstone Yacht Club most weekends.
Enthusiastic and passionate for any time on the water, Anna, sailed all through her childhood and went on to make ‘messing around on boats’ a full time career. She currently teaches a range of ages and abilities in practical and theory lessons from powerboats to yachting. This year Anna has worked for Oceans of Hope as relief skipper and Instructor during the annual ‘Oceans of Hope Challenge’ in Croatia, in which 72 novice sailors all suffering from MS chartered 10 boats and independently sailed in Croatia. With a strong belief that sailing is for everyone, Anna continues to work with the team at Oceans of Hope to raise awareness and encourage people to try sailing. Having just taken a team of 10 MS sufferers out to Barcelona Watersports to do 2 weeks of training with the aims that they gain RYA Qualifications and can skipper for next years events. This cruise has been nominated for ‘Sailing Todays Best Cruise 2017’



Hailing from Nova Scotia, Jessica grew up on the warm waters of the Northumberland Strait working in search and rescue with the Canadian Coast Guard, where she learned that a “bad day on the boat is better than a good day in the office.”

Upon completing her undergraduate degree, Jessica was about to board a plane to Madrid to teach English, but an impulsive (and intuitive) change of heart took her to Gloucester, Massachusetts where she met her first ship, the Roseway. Jessica’s experience on Roseway with the World Ocean School sparked her passion for life at sea, traditional wooden boats, and sharing this passion with others. Since then, Jessica has had the good fortune of sailing on the Pride of Baltimore II and various other traditional schooners throughout the Caribbean and the Eastern Seaboard, including racing on schooner Columbia in the 2017 Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta.

Jessica has also worked on commercial fishing vessels in the North Pacific and as a Pollution Response Officer with the Canadian Coast Guard.

In 2013, Jessica completed her Masters in Marine Management, where she focused on fisheries management and sustainable coastal communities. In early 2014 Jessica co-founded a non-profit society committed to engaging youth with innovative oceans education programs and oceans-related career resources.

Jessica is slightly sad to say that she now works full-time in an office 1500 km away from the ocean, but she is grateful that she at least gets to continue pursuing her passion for oceans by contributing to Canadian marine conservation policy.



eXXpedition Guests:

Emily Penn – Mission Director
As co-founder of eXXpedition EMILY has seen first hand how much plastic ends up in our ocean. She has spent the last decade exploring the high seas from the tropics to the Arctic – enabling scientists, filmmakers and interested individuals to gain access to the most remote parts of our planet via Pangaea Exploration’s 72ft sailing expedition vessel, Sea Dragon.
She has organised the largest ever community-led waste cleanup from a tiny Tongan island, trawled for micro-plastics on a voyage through the Arctic Northwest Passage, rounded the planet on the record-breaking biofuelled boat Earthrace, and worked on a sailing cargo ship trading western supplies for coconuts.
Emily splits her time between running eXXpedition and developing upstream solutions to the ocean plastic issue with Parley for the Oceans, corporate partners, scientists and government bodies. An experienced public speaker, Emily speaks around the world at conferences, universities and global companies about her adventures and issues relating to our oceans, human mindset and future society.
Emily will be sailing on both leg 1 and leg 2 of eXXpedition North Pacific 2018. You can find more information on Emily’s projects at www.emilypenn.co.uk.


Soraya Abdel-Hadi – eXXpedition Office Manager
SORAYA is a sustainability professional and advocate for women’s rights, who is passionate about creating a holistic approach to improving our planet. After graduating with a law degree, she worked as an equestrian journalist and then as a marketing manager, before returning to university to achieve her One Planet MBA. This business course with a focus on sustainability cemented her desire to integrate sustainable processes into organisations and demonstrate her values through her own actions. But Soraya believes that there is more to sustainability than the environment, it also encompasses culture and diversity, which is why she focused on women in leadership for her final project.
She joined the eXXpedition team in 2017 and was part of the land-based crew for eXXpedition Round Britain. Now, in addition to working as Office Manager for eXXpedition, she will be sailing on leg 2 of eXXpedition North Pacific this summer.



Beccy Finlayson – TV Researcher
BECCY is an a researcher in television production with a specific interest in environmental conservation. While studying physical geography at university, she gained a greater understanding about the natural world and threats to it. She felt compelled to work towards spreading the environmental message and currently works in factual broadcasting, which involves finding incredible stories and people.
Beccy has always been at home near or on the sea and has crewed aboard various boats, including a square-rigged tall ship from Ireland to Holland. She is taking part in eXXpedition North Pacific because she wants to find out more about how plastic is impacting upon the health of our oceans and ourselves, and aims to broadcast this message through various means – from writing to social media or a short film. On a personal level, she wants to keep up her sailing experience.




Meg Tapp – Communications and Marketing
MEG works in the waste and recycling team at her local council. Her area of expertise is in communications and marketing, using a variety of platforms to communicate messages to a wide customer base. Meg is joining eXXpedition North Pacific to gain first-hand knowledge of the extent of the plastic pollution problem, and take this experience with her into her future work.





Nikkey Dawn – Designer
NIKKEY is a designer/illustrator and photographer who uses her work as a tool to connect people with the environment. She has spent many years working in and with clients in the eco-tourism industry.
Nikkey hopes to highlight the impact microplastics have on the local marine life and empower others to become ocean stewards. She’s also looking forward to learning more about the sampling and analysis process, and immersing herself in the day to day of life at sea.





Victoria Fritz – TV Presenter
VICTORIA is a BBC News journalist and television presenter with a personal interest in environmental affairs. She is a member of Global Women In News (GWIN) and a mentor to school children interested in journalism through the BBC’s School Report program. Victoria is looking forward to getting to know her fellow crew members better and learning about the journeys that have led them to Sea Dragon.





Sarah Michler – Film Producer
SARAH is a film and commercial producer. She is currently producing a feature film in New Orleans, Louisiana. In the past few years, she has traveled all over the world to produce commercials for big brands such as Gatorade, Apple and Google. She aims to create a partnership between brands and filmmakers to help raise awareness on environmental issues and how the brands can make a change. After she finishes her feature film in March 2018, she is partnering with RedBull to create a film in virtual reality that follows the journey of a plastic bag from a child’s school lunch to the stomach of a whale. Sarah believes that film has the power to shock people into action.

In the fall, in order to deepen her knowledge in science, Sarah will be pursuing her graduate degree in climate and society at Columbia University. Sarah grew up racing 420s and lasers in Connecticut. She is so excited to get back on the water this summer and is eager to meet and to get to know the incredible women crew.


Imogen Napper – PhD Student
IMOGEN is a PhD student at Plymouth University researching ‘The Sources and Fate of Plastic in the Marine Environment’. Her research has influenced the ban of microbeads in cosmetics internationally and was also the first to estimate plastic contamination into the marine environment from washing clothes.
 Imogen has been mostly lab-based during her PhD, so she is intrigued and eager to see the impact plastic can have both at sea and to coastline communities. She is passionate about science communication and is looking forward to using this North Pacific expedition as a platform to encourage positive change.





Ellise Chappell – Actress
ELLISE is an actress, who has enjoyed filming by the sea in Cornwall for the past two years. During that time, she has become more and more aware of the issues surrounding plastic pollution, and it has now become a deep-rooted passion of hers. Keen to take a step further in her involvement and eager to become more proactive, Ellise is thrilled to be joining Leg 2 of the eXXpedition North Pacific voyage. She can’t wait to challenge herself, gain new skills, become better informed of the problem, and learn from a group of inspiring, like-minded women from different backgrounds.





Laura Leiva – Marine Scientist
LAURA is a marine scientist and conservationist. Growing up in Honduras her passion since a young age was the constant exploration of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. Throughout the years, Laura witnessed the ongoing deterioration of this beautiful but fragile ecosystem due to irresponsible fishing and plastic pollution, and pledged to be part of the solution by becoming a biologist.
Her area of expertise is marine benthic communities and she’s currently working as a research assistant for marine sponge molecular studies. Laura is interested to explore how nano plastics and micro plastics bioaccumulate, and how toxics biomagnify across the marine food web. Her main goal is to raise awareness of the amount of plastic in the ocean and the threat it poses to marine life and human health. Additionally, she is keen to know how much plastic is floating in the water column and, thus, reaching marine bottom-dwelling organisms. .



Bimadoshka Pucan – PhD Candidate
Bimadoshka is a Anthropology PhD Candidate and mother to three sons, based in Ontario and is very active within her indigenous community. She is particularly concerned about environmental issues impacting Lake Huron and the rapid changes to the water quality in recent years.
By joining eXXpedition North Pacific, Bimadoshka welcomes the opportunity to bond with other like-minded women. As she has never been to British Columbia, she believes that the educational and spiritual experiences on the voyage will be countless.






July 21:: Crew join the vessel at 1000 in Vancouver- introductions, move in and eXXpedition onshore program
July 22: safety briefings, Practice trawl deployment, sail training, depart for sea
July 23 – 26: Underway to Seattle, eXXpedition program.
July 27: Arrive in Seattle, Marina TBC, clear customs & immigration, eXXpedition onshore program
July 28: Guest crew can depart from Vessel from 1200



More Information:

Contribution Includes:
– 7 nights accommodation on Sea Dragon
– All meals, snacks, and drinks on board
– Sailing Instruction
– Safety equipment and foul weather gear

Contribution does not include:
– Transportation to and from Canada and the USA
– Transportation to and from the boat
– Additional nights spent ashore
– Personal expenses while in port

Kit: Temperate

All crew members will require a passport and visas from their home country that will allow them to travel to/ from the USA and Canada. Please note that many nationalities which can enter the USA on the ESTA visa waiver program will need a B1/B2 to enter by sea. Please look into the specific type of visa you need for arriving at these destinations by sea: www.travel.state.gov/visa.

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