Newport, Rhode Island to Quebec City, Canada

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JUN 26 – JUL 8, 2013

Depart: Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Arrive: Quebec City, Canada
Length: 13 Days
Focus: Educators on board program, marine mammals, freshwater and saltwater connections


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Newport, Rhode Island to Quebec City, Quebec

June 26- July 8, 2013

Educators on Board Program

This leg of the expedition is a part of the Educators on Board program. Educators on Board is a unique summer expedition program that brings together high school and elementary teachers from all over North America to take part in a very special sailing experience.

Join us as we venture along the Eastern Seaboard, visiting the Bay of Fundy and beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. We will then sail through the St. Lawrence Estuary, en route to Quebec City, a beautiful and historically significant port of call along the St. Lawrence River.

This expedition will kick off our four month journey through the Great Lakes of North America. Educators joining us for this leg of the journey will have an opportunity to learn to sail or brush up on their sailing abilities, and develop their scientific communication skills. On board, teachers will work together to create interesting and motivating lesson plans and activities to take back to their home classrooms. They will also learn how to inspire their communities to work together to protect and conserve our incredibly valuable fresh and salt water ecosystems.
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Contribution:  $2700.00US

Discounted Price for Educators$1950.00/person


This cost includes:


  • 12 nights accommodation on the Sea Dragon
  • All meals, snacks and drinks on board the boat (please note that no alcoholcan be consumed on board)
  • Crew Uniform
  • IYT training certification and sail instruction
  • Educational programming and scientific research training
  • Sailing safety equipment and outerwear


The cost does not include:


  • Transportation to Rhode Island and from Quebec City
  • Transportation to and from the dock
  • Personal expenses while at port


Pangaea is well aware that educators work within a limited budget, and have reduced the price of the expedition by 30% to accommodate this situation.

To lessen the burden on your budget even further, educators are encouraged to find personal sponsorship for the expedition, should they need additional finances to attend. To learn more about personal fundraising for your adventure, please check out:

Many of our previous crew have been able to completely or partially fund their expedition through the gracious donations of their friends, community and local businesses.

Some teachers may be able to contribute professional development funding towards the course. There are also grants that may be available for this kind of opportunity.

Educators are encouraged to enter our ‘Educators on Board’ Contest, running May 31-June 8, 2013! For more information on the contest, please visit the ship’s blog.

For more information on funding and grant opportunities, please visit:


Requirements for Educators


The programming for educators on board will be informal, but guided. Based on your personal interests, we will tailor the programming to what you would like to discuss with your fellow educators.

Programming and curriculum ideas will be provided on board that can be adapted and used in the classroom. At the end of the program, materials that have been created or collected will be added to a database which can be acessed for future lesson planning.

We would like to ask that educators join the expediton  with ideas for discussion topics, lesson plans and activities that they can share with their fellow educators. These topics should be related to: marine science, plastic pollution and debris, sailing or nautical career development, or bringing sustainable behaviors into the classroom.

We have a TV and seating area for students that can be used for lectures, or to show slides, films, or other educational material. If you would like to prepare a lecture for the group, please bring along a laptop or USB card with your materials so that we can display it on our TV screen.

Please let us know in advance what topic you will be sharing by emailing the Expedition Coordinator, Asta Mail, at[/tab] [tab title=”Itinerary”]

Sea Dragon will  begin its cruise through Atlantic waters towards the beautiful Bay of Fundy, where there are plenty of opportunities to view whales and seabirds  in their natural migration routes.  The expedition will  then round the Southern peninsula of Nova Scotia, and head North to Halifax, a vibrant seaside city known for its lively history and fantastic music.  The crew will celebrate ‘Canada Day’ with an exciting view of the fireworks’ display on the  Halifax waterfront heritage location.


Sea Dragon will then leave port from Halifax, and cruise past Cape Breton Island, and into the beautiful St. Lawrence Estuary.  Pass by the islands of IÎle Brion and Rochers-aux-Oiseaux (Bird Rock), areas that act as nesting areas and sanctuary for migratory birds. A slow sail down the St. Lawrence river will bring the Pangaea crew to the grand landscape of Quebec City, a UNESCO world heritage site. There will be ample opportunities to get immersed in francophone Canadian culture in Quebec on the last day of this grand expedition.


June 26: Guest crew arrive in Newport, Rhode Island, in the early afternoon, and meet Sea Dragon at port. Crew will be given a tour of the vessel, along with an expedition briefing, uniform, and berth for their personal belongings. Basic sail training will be taught, and safety procedures will be explained. Crew will spend the first evening at port, and set sail at first night the following day.


June 27: The journey will begin at first light, with Sea Dragon setting sail towards Grand Manaan Island, near Nova Scotia. Guest crew will have their first training sessions, and begin their regular watch schedule.


June 28: Crew will practice their sailing skills and safety maneuvers, and begin their IYT Sail course training. Guests will spend time preparing activities for the upcoming One Water Festival event, taking place in Halifax, and have time to discuss science in the classroom.


June 29Sea Dragon will near Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. The afternoon will be reserved for bird and whale watching.


June 30Sea Dragon will set sail  and travel around the southern end of Nova Scotia, towards their destination of Halifax.


July 1: Sea Dragon will arrive in Halifax, and dock in port for the day’s celebrations. Crew will have an opportunity to be involved with the outreach event. At this event, known as the “One Water Festival”, crew will participate by talking with members of the public visiting Sea Dragon, conduct tours of the vessel, and take part in activities designed to engage guests. In the evening, crew will have the chance to explore Halifax harbor, and take in the sights and sounds of a boisterous Canada Day celebration. There will be fireworks in the evening.


July 2: At first light,Sea Dragon will continue to sail North towards Port Hawkesbury. Crew will practice their sailing techniques, and have an opportunity to give talks or explain a particularly valuable lesson plan to their fellow educators.


July 3: After a short stop in Port Hawkesbury to obtain supplies, Sea Dragon will continue towards the St. Lawence Estuary.


July 4&5Sea Dragon will sail through the Estuary, passing by the islands of of IÎle Brion and Rochers-aux-Oiseaux (Bird Rock). Plastics trawling research and water sampling will likely be conducted to compare against sampling done within the Great Lakes ecosystem.


July 6&7Sea Dragon will enter the St. Lawrence Seaway, and begin its transit towards the city of Quebec. Students will complete the requirements of their IYT course, and complete the paperwork for their certification.


July 8: In the early morning, Sea Dragon will arrive in Quebec City. After a debriefing and cleaning of the ship, guests will disembark Sea Dragon, and explore the city, or transit to the airport for their return flight home.[/tab] [tab title=”Why Join?”]

Pangaea is thrilled to provide this exciting sailing expedition up the Eastern Sea Board of North America. This expedition is open to anyone, but will be designed to incorporate the interests of educators and teachers at the elementary and high school level. There is something for everyone to enjoy on our 72′ sailing vessel, so if your partner, friends or family are interested in joining you, they are most certainly welcome!


There are many reasons why this experience with Pangaea is particularly valuable to educators. Some of these reasons include:


  • An opportunity to learn sailing skills and enjoy a real open ocean experience
  • Receive IYT sail certification
  • Gain knowledge first hand about the ocean, and how it relates to the freshwater ecosystems of the Great Lakes
  • Share teaching experiences with colleagues from throughout North America
  • Discuss important environmental issues with fellow educators, and design new approaches to tackling them in the classroom
  • Learn how ocean research is conducted, and take part in “Citizen Science” projects by helping to collect scientific data for researchers
  • See a part of the world you’ve never visited before, from the unique perspective of the sea
  • Contribute to the One Water Story multi-media project through film making, photography, writing, art, etc.
  • Have a fun, unique summer adventure that won’t break your wallet!
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All participants will require a valid passport to attend the expedition. The passport must be up to date, and must not expire before October, 2013. All crew will go through customs and immigration, and therefore must be prepared with photo identification, and a description of what they will be bringing to the country. Canadian citizens must go through customs upon their entrance to the United States, and again at the first port of call in Canada.

Crew from outside North America may need a traveler’s visa to enter Canada. For more information on visa requirements, please visit Canada’s Border Protection Agency website at:


You will also need to provide:


  • Warm clothing- dressing in layers in recommended.
  • Hat (1 warm, and 1 brimmed)
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • Any required medication
  • Sea sickness remedies (if needed)
  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Toiletries
  • Camera or video camera (not mandatory)
  • Notebook, pen, or note taking equipment
  • Good quality deck shoes (rubber soled, non marking)
  • Spending money for time at port
  • An adventurous attitude


Please note: No alcohol or cigarette consumption is allowed onboard while at sea.


Please let us know if you have any particular dietary restrictions. We will do our best to provide meals that suit your particular needs.

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By taking part in this expedition, you will become a working member of Sea Dragon‘s crew.  You will be expected to take part in the daily activities of the boat, including:


  • Being at the helm to steer the boat and direct navigation
  • Participating in night watches while under sail
  • Preparing  communal meals and keeping the boat in working condition
  • Raising and lowering sails
  • Taking part in data collection and research techniques
  • Being involved in group discussions, lessons, and programs
  • Speaking with the public at the One Water Festival outreach event.


Training and instruction will be provided to help you ease into life at sea. Once accustomed to the daily patterns, most crew enjoy the simple and relaxing schedule of life on the water.




This expedition will be conducted on the open ocean. Our vessel is extremely sturdy, and designed to go upwind comfortably and competently. However, being on the sea does come with certain conditions that you may not be used to.


Many people experience sea sickness at some time or another while at sea. This feeling is unpleasant, but usually passes once your body acclimates to the sensation of motion. To prepare yourself for this situation, it is advised to bring along a non-drowsy sea sickness medication. The best course of action to prevent sea sickness is to spend as much time as possible on deck, and focus your mind on daily activities, so that you do not become pre-occupied with the feeling of being ill.


Pangaea’s main aim is to provide you with an exciting and engaging sailing experience. If there is anything we can do to make your experience better, please let us know.[/tab] [tab title=”Poster”] [image_frame width=”660″][/image_frame] [/tab] [/tabs]